SimpleIt sounds easy, but in a world of constant change it is not as easy as it sounds.

In the past 10 years we have gone from the company having all the knowledge about its products and prices to the consumer now having all of the knowledge. This was a result of the internet. In addition, this move continues with the flow of information being carried with us with our smartphones. Some companies like Google have taken advantage of this situation and have even fostered more power to the consumer to get their buy-in and comments thereby increasing search rank for different companies and products.

We can complain that it is unfair to those of us in business and keep trying old methods that had little success in the first place or we can embrace what our situation is today and find a way to maximize our own initiatives in this landscape.

As a marketer, you really need to be smart about the decisions you make this year. An example would be a mobile application. It appears that every company wants to create an app so their company resides on the phones or tablets of their customers. However, you need to really think about keeping your app, (simple). The app has to add some kind of value to your users and it has to be so simple that they can figure it out without some type of user manual. Have you ever seen an app with a user manual? Have you tried an app that was so complex that you just gave up using it?

With respect to social media, we have made something relatively simple into something that is way too time consuming. Again, you need to think about trying to use your time in a (simple) manner. Start with a few sites, 1 – 3 and post on a regular basis and look for opportunities to join a discussion or offer valuable information. Consider doing the (simple) think like listening more instead of posting crazy information.

Organizationally speaking, it is time to look at complex systems and see if there is a better, (simple) approach to achieving results with our processes. Capturing leads may mean recording every person’s name into a system, but what good is it if that information is never revisited.

(Simple) is the new buzz-word. If you and your company are going to be able to keep up with current changes in technology, economic and legislative changes, you need to work toward building a system that is more simple so it can have a better chance of adapting to changes. Remember the Y2K projects in the 1990′s. You would have thought we would have learned something. The Y2K issues seem to pale in comparison with today’s mobile data trends.

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(Simple) needs to be incorporated more and more into your operations.