online consumer research, online panel surveysConducting Consumer Research is time-consuming, and almost always has a cost associated with this. While it may be tempting at times, it’s really not a time to cut corners. One solution may seem cheaper and appear perfectly adequate on the outside but compared with fresh, up-to-date research, we all know there is no comparison.

So is it possible to cut any corners when it comes to consumer research?


The simple answer to that question is no, you can’t cut corners with consumer research. Especially if you want it to be high-quality and relaible enough to base your strategic business decision-making on. Applying pre-existing figures may give you a rough idea of your market, but in today’s fast-moving business environment, these figures date very quickly.

The slightest variation in location, demographic or industry could mean the data is completely unsuitable and in no way applicable to your project. What good is using data provided by pensioners in rural areas if you are targeting urban teenagers?

Using research specifically carried out in your sector allows you get insights into exactly what your target market are thinking. This insight is invaluable to any project, and to risk going without it could be critical.


You can’t exactly cut corners, but you can make it easier to conduct consumer research while still gathering relevant and reliable information. Conducting your consumer research using an online panel survey can cut down on a lot of the time-consuming tasks associated with alternative quantitative research methods.

With an online consumer panel you can collect quality data from a sample of your exact target audience and receive up-to-date information about consumer trends.

An added advantage of online panel surveys is the option to leave the survey to run, gathering responses while you continue working. There is no need to take time out of your day or work overtime conducting telephone or face-to-face interviews. This, plus the relative speed with which online panels can yield data, all adds to much greater efficiency of your research projects.

So when it comes to consumer research, you can’t cut corners but you can make it a lot easier. Leaving an online panel survey to work it’s magic allows you to collect your data quickly and efficiently while relieving you of the task of physically project managing  the research yourself.

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