Magnetic Communication ties directly into the headline. Are you using all of your sensory skills to recognize your better connections for business as well as friendships? This refers to feeling good in one’s presence. There is a synergy, a higher energy level, and the added bonus of happiness when you are in communication with the other person. In essence you are attracted to one another.

When you can say Yes! to the previous sentence, you have the recipe for finding the right connections, developing new ideas and harvesting excellent referrals. Readily offering to help one another will benefit everyone involved in finding increased open doors for opportunity. Business becomes far easier, and greater enjoyment is found in working with your prospects. This is true whether you are working in-person or online.

For example, on different occasions two very good business friends recommended I attend a networking event to meet a third person. I was finally able to do so. Not only did I enjoy the event, and that particular person, I also had the pleasure of finding both of those friends as well as others I knew in the room together. We took the time to introduce one to the other which turned the evening into a high energy and fruitful event.

While on Twitter, I was gratified to read a message from a follower, “George” saying he had received a very helpful tweet from me. He was initially turned down for a job that he very much wanted. My advice always is to never give up but instead pursue that which you desire by finding a better way to achieve it. So instead of his being depressed by rejection, and saying, “Oh Well,” George politely called the CEO. My Twitter friend requested that the CEO revisit their previous conversations, the resume, and to reconsider the potential George may bring to the company. The end result was, George heard “Hired!”

The point of this last story is to say it is highly rewarding when you are able to learn and then teach others coming up behind you what works best. The other person advances, you feel good, and good word is spread about you. This activity takes little effort, elevates you to the position of leader, and is what will build your personal brand to perfection. This too is a type of magnetic communication.

Generally speaking the beginning of each year, we are excited about our impending projects, and toward year-end we are completing them to finalize business for the year. Accordingly, mid-year is a great time to start reconnecting those people who have been on your mind but have not had the time to say hello. Whichever communication tool you use, ask what projects are being worked on and if help or referrals are needed. Your better connections will reciprocate. This too should lead to additional quality introductions or ideas on which to partner.

Adapting these suggestions to your style will put you on the wave of the Smooth Sale!


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