Child dresses as a doctor

Most people had, what we call, “unrealistic” dreams when they were kids, but our dreams age with us and then we pursue a “realistic” career. Most of us can’t pinpoint the exact moment we traded in our dreams for something grounded and expected. We’ve all been subjected to the overstated rationale that you have to be “one in a million.” What ever happened to shooting for the stars?

It’s time to look at life from a child’s point of view; you can grow up to be whatever you want.

When you think of people who pursued their dream job, two examples may cross your mind. One example is someone who pursued their dream and succeeded. Another example is someone who also pursued their dream and can’t pay their bills, such as a struggling artist. If the latter is the first thing that crossed your mind, then your fear of failure may be your biggest obstacle. Like anything else in life, inspiration, hard work, and dedication are requirements for success.

So if you’re unsatisfied with your current career, then maybe it’s time to ignite an old flame – and no, I don’t mean your high school sweetheart.

Assess Your Current Career Path

Sometimes the occasional minor office issues become a daily nuisance that shapes your job outlook. The more you focus on the negative aspects of your job, the more you’ll hate it. Try writing down the positive and negative points of your job. Are you happy with your job overall? Or are you satisfied? If you loathe your job, then run far away.

Assess your career and current situation. If you’re unsure what career is best for you, then take career assessments to find a good fit.

Are you excited about advancing your career? If you’re looking down a black hole, then it’s time to look at your options and take the next step. Again, run far away.

What’s Your Dream Job?

Recall your childhood dreams. Do you have those same dreams? If you wake up every day thinking about your dream career, then that’s what you need to be doing. Because no matter what other jobs you take on, you’re still going to be daydreaming about your dream career. Take the first step towards your new career, so you don’t have to live vicariously through others. After all, you probably don’t want to come back to this article to reassess your life. I wouldn’t want to.

How Do You Get on the Dream-Job-Path?

The most obvious step that may have crossed your mind is the first step. How do you make that drastic career change? Well, the great thing about modern technology is that we have Google wisdom; your first step is to Google the process for getting started in your dream job.

Look up the required education, training, skills, and certifications/licenses. Once you know how to get started, you’ll have a good idea of what goals you should set and you’ll be able to establish a timeline.

Start Now

The day to make a positive change is now. The biggest mistake people make is when they push their plans further and further. You should be writing down your plan and registering for your classes now. You can even write down “write down plan” so that you’re moving towards something.

You don’t need to quit your job immediately. You can continue working and take online/evening classes or attend workshops during the weekend, but do something each day that will move you towards your dream career.

The road will probably be long, as it is with any career change, but your determination will ultimately determine your success. Life is too short to sacrifice your “unrealistic” dreams.