I am sure you Can. Because the word is Can. Three letters when put together defines who you are as a person both in business and in your personal life. Success Can follow you when you use the word as a principle in the way you conduct yourself in business and life. For example:

  • Can a Boomerang: As soon as you tell someone you Can do something for them, it comes back to you that you have to do something for that person.
  • Can and you are linked together: You say the word Can, you need to execute.
  • Can stimulates creativity: How Can I get this done? Can challenges you.
  • Can holds you accountable: It’s a promise to yourself and to others to do something.
  • Can is a Team Builder: Together, we Can get this done.
  • Can is Trust: I Can do this for you.
  • Can is Loyalty: I will be there for you.

A very simple word that carry’s the weight of success for us. There is a big difference between Try and Can. Try leaves you some wiggle room  to fail whereas Can is firm that you will acomplish a task. What would your customers rather hear you say? “I will Try to get that taken care of for you” or “I Can take care of that for you.”

By using Can you express a committment to your customer in demostrating your confidence in your abilities to get things done while comforting your customer knowing the job will be completed.

My guess is that many successful people use the word Can more than Try to acheive their goals and dreams. There is a committment associated with Can.

Can I continue writting? Yes I can Can but I know you Can figure your success out for yourself.