Building Your Own TeamAre you working on building your team?

You can look at team from many standpoints. From a manager standpoint, you need to make sure you have set a direction for the people you work with. In addition, you need to check and make sure work initiatives are being completed in a timely manner.

How about your team of professionals outside your company? Do you have some people that you can go to in confidence on a personal matter or talk about some ideas and get their feedback. A great resource to have!

Do you have a team of close friends or a best friend, who you can talk about things outside of work? Everyone needs a team like this to just get away and talk about interests or go to an event or just joke with.

Do you belong to a particular group to connect with at church or through a local organization? These groups help facilitate small group discussions and talk about topics at a deper level.

Are you trying to apply these principles to people online? In rare occasions, you might meet a few people who you can connect with at a deeper level, but those are few and rare. The best advice is to take the next best step and try connecting via phone or email; better yet try to meet in person.

The point here is that relationships are a part of the team-building process. I can’t tell you how important teams have been in my development as a professional and personally as a father and husband. Connecting with people takes work and you have to listen and you have to also bring something of value to the discussion.

For as much talk as there is about engaging on social media, I think we are missing out on a number of social opportunities right in front of us, and frankly, these opportunities are much more lasting than general connections on social media. If you have made some connections on social media, see if you can take your conversation off-line. If you can do this, you will see a huge benefit from these connections. In the meantime, be highly selective of the people you want to connect closer to on social media sites. You can’t possibly be everyone’s good friend.

Finally, continue to work on building teams in your life. I do call them teams instead of connections because teams generally have the best interest of all members. A team is a special group of people and it does take time to build sustaining teams. By the way, if you try to do this process by yourself, connecting one-to-one, you could find it to be a much harder process.

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