Virtual Assistants

Entrepreneur, solo-preneur, small business owner; while each comes with its own clarifying distinctions, one quality remains significant, the opportunities to build and scale your business are better performed with a team.

Your team is available to listen, brainstorm, collaborate, build, generate, troubleshoot or otherwise help you to achieve your dreams a little faster than if you remain a single entity.

“As the business owner, your time is extremely valuable, and you should be focusing on the items that only you can do! If you have the resources, consider hiring a virtual assistant to take care of these administrative tasks that are holding you back”. Brett Relander

Scale Your Business Beyond Yourself with Jason T. Wiser and Rebekah Radice highlights the benefits and value of partnering with a virtual assistant to effectively grow and manage your business.

This isn’t anything new to you, nor is it rocket science. Partnering with a virtual assistant is a simple solution to enable you to expand your company more cost effectively than hiring an in-house team. Where else can you find an entrepreneurial spirit that doesn’t cost you insurances, benefits, office space, training, taxes or supplies? Think of how much that alone will save you on a yearly basis.

However, the world has changed, you don’t need to hire a regular full-time or part-time employee. You can leverage a virtual assistant (VA) for a fraction of the cost. Time Management Ninja

You only have so much time in your day; when you leverage the power and expertise of a virtual assistant, you have just added more hours to work ON your business. More hours to engage with your audience, clients and prospects. Toss the tedious and time consuming to do more of the work you love. The real core and guts of your company.

You can’t do everything that you need to do on your own. It’s impossible. There are not enough hours in a day. And as a business owner, your main focus should be on your clients and customers, how to obtain more of them and networking so you have a growing list of leads to nurture and eventually convert to future clients and customers. M. Shannon Hernandez

Why fill your day with menial administrative and day to day operations that gnaw on your precious time? If it doesn’t produce revenue, consider delegating it.

Can you afford to be buried in;

  1. Social media management
  2. Content curation
  3. Scheduling posts
  4. Editing and proofing your blog
  5. Optimizing blog posts
  6. Drafting content
  7. Calendaring and appointments
  8. E-newsletters
  9. Brand monitoring
  10. WordPress updates
  11. Image search/creation
  12. Daily business management

These are just 12 of the necessary business “nuisances” that you may be doing on your own but don’t generate any income for you. So could they actually undermine your hard work and efforts?

Consider this, each time you are involved in one of these tasks, how many times do you encounter some sort of distraction or roadblock? Are you sidetracked? Does something else come up, like a software or tech issue, and you end up spending even more time on the project which means less time ON your business, building relationships and speaking with clients?

Honestly! Is this the MOST productive use of your time?

In a recent online survey of more than 460 small business owners, proprietors and CEOs, 63% said that they spend 1-5 hours on social media every week. The rest are spending much more, with some business owners spending 21+ hours a week on social media alone – that’s HALF of the normal working week – how are they getting anything else done? Chris Ducker.

Ready! Set! GROW!

Let’s hear your thoughts on building a remote team and taking your business to the next level.