Business, like life, can be hard.

Things don’t always go as we plan. We are human. We make mistakes. We break things. We fail. All of these things create the most frightening pitfall of them all: complacency.

Once we find an easy path, it becomes natural to settle in to a rhythm, embrace the mundane, and neglect creativity. In businesses big and small, there is no word as dangerous as “idle.”

Today, we would like to offer you a challenge. Be an agent of change. If something isn’t right, alter it. Bend the rules.


Innovation can come in all forms, from all corners of your workforce. Reexamine your client verticals, your product offering, workflow structure – whatever you believe can be better.

This doesn’t mean your business needs a complete overhaul. In fact, that would defeat the purpose. Pick something solitary. Sweeping change begins with one domino falling. If you can improve something small – and do it well – you are on your way.

New methodologies and creative impulses are not just relegated to the start-up culture, either. Long-established companies can benefit from a deeper look at what needs a face lift.

The status quo will always be in abundance. Upsetting the apple cart will not cause the world to stop spinning. But to change the world, you must first change yourself. An agent of change cannot be a static presence. Be mindful, be thoughtful, be learning, be inspired.

Change yourself. Change your work. Be a catalyst to reach the ends you seek.

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