360 feedbackCongratulations! You’ve completed your 360 survey. The hard part is over. Now it’s time to kick back, relax and bask in the glory of another job well done. Or at least it would be if there wasn’t still some work left to do. When a 360 survey is completed, it’s time to start your 360 review. This involves de-briefing people on the results of the 360 survey, what was said, was it positive or negative and how do you use that information as a development tool. Tackling some of these points can be tricky, so it’s best to reflect upon how to properly handle a 360 review process. We don’t want to teach Grandma how to suck eggs but sometimes reminding ourselves of a few good basics is no bad thing:

Behavioural Blind Spots

After a 360 survey is completed, a de-briefing process with each employee should be a priority, allowing you to go through the results of the feedback with them. A 360 review can occasionally highlight areas in which an employee is particularly weak. The employee may not know about it, so it’s important that this weakness is discussed in a proper de-briefing process. Even if the majority of an employee’s feedback is positive, one or two poorly handled negative comments could cause upset and all of the positive remarks will be forgotten.

Accentuate the Positive

When carrying out a de-briefing process, it is best to focus on the person’s strengths at first. Beginning with negative comments can colour a person’s interpretation of the entire review. If they feel that the negative comments were unjust or upsetting, they won’t take the positive feedback that they hear after it on board.

Ask the Difficult Question

When going through the de-briefing process with an employee, there may be a particular negative point that stands out. It could be something that would be difficult to discuss, that they should already be aware of anyway. If the employee doesn’t mention it, you have to bring it up. Asking the difficult question could provide the breakthrough you’re looking for in your 360 review.

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