I was speaking to a friend recently, and we got to chatting about charities and how supporters are almost like investors along the lines of venture capitalists, or stocks and shares guys.

Yet these supporters are much more than a standard investor – as  well as donations, they invest time, resources, energy and much more into the charity they believe in.

Basically, if you’re a charity, they invest in YOU.

But this doesn’t need to be landlocked into charities. There are many other ways that people are investing in you every minute, every hour, every  day and beyond.

It could be they’re reading and commenting on your blog. It could be they’re conversing with you on Twitter. It could be that they’re offering advice via email or a phone call. It could be that they’re babysitting your kids so you and your partner can have a night  to yourself. It could be that they’re offering free workshops to help you get up to speed on something. It could be that they’re referring  your services to someone.

It could be something as simple as they buy you a beer at the pub after work.

It  doesn’t matter what it is – at the end of the day, they’re investing in you. Because they believe in you and they want to show that, in whatever form that takes.

So here’s a request. A little mini call-to- action, if you like.

  • Think of all the exchanges, conversations, get-togethers and other connections that you’ve enjoyed over the past week (you can make it longer if you like – it’s really up  to you).
  • Make a note of what these were and who they were with.
  • Think how you can return that investment – a quick thank you call, recognition of a blog comment or tweet, dinner, the promise that they can contact you anytime for any help they might need, a trip to the movies… Basically anything that you feel  merits their investment.

Do this, but do this without looking for anything in return. Just do it because you’re proud and touched to be part of someone’s investment. Do it because you want to invest in them.

Sound fair?