Sure it does in the short term, but it doesn’t mean much in the long term if your agency is committed to your vision and new business.

I have conducted a fair amount of agencies searches over the years. Jenny Craig, Jacuzzi, Toyo Tires, and Villeroy & Boch to name a few.

I first met a search consultant when I worked on a major national brand that spent “mid-eight figures.” I was a fairly young lad, but I got a lot older fast.

I liked the search consultant. I thought he had a great day job.

He told me that his world was 50% hunting for new business and 50% working. I have learned from him because I have worked for myself for over a decade.

I have always believed that is how agency principals should also live their days.

We lost the new business pitch but I never forgot the lesson.

It humbled me but humility is a great value for New Business. It is a game of rejection, and I have had my share. Humility also tells you to stay the course if you work at a strong shop. Most likely this new business pitch isn’t the only one you are working on.

I have met a lot of great agencies over the years. Some were innovative with creative waves of change, and I have met a lot of plodders tilling the soil with a horse because they have duplicated the past.

Finding Out the “Why” of the New Business Pitch?

A lot of agencies ask me why they weren’t selected. I understand that. You have invested time in the new business pitch. You have made an investment and I appreciate the sweat equity. But maybe you also knew from the beginning that it was a long shot, and your emotions and the adrenaline of the hunt made you forget that.

I don’t understand what agencies would do with the information. Become somebody else? I don’t think so.

Good agencies are clear and unique and, most importantly, focused. When I tell them the bad news I generally tell them that they are a great agency because they are. They don’t complain. They know their vision. They say thanks for the opportunity and let’s stay in touch.

Agencies that are just part of the pack of sameness lament and moan. We thought we would be perfect for this even though they aren’t and know it but won’t believe it.

When agencies start to chase the drug of money, it is a dead end path.

When they lose their identity, they become part of the same crowd of agencies that make clients tell me that all agencies are the same.

And that’s not a place where your agency wants to be.