Gary Vaynerchuk Crush ItIt is said everyone has a book in them and as most of you know I have written a book, I wrote it mainly because it needed to come pouring out of me and there is another one in the wings percolating as you read this post, so obviously I have more than one lol.

Writing a book is great branding and gives you immediate credibility as an expert in your field, and many people are writing books for these reasons, many write books for marketing via formulas – yes there is a marketing formula for writing a business book, or have it ghost written for them. Me, I like to write!

Watch and listen to Young Entrepreneur Scott Gerber and amazing entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk in this 2 minute video on the best practices of writing and publishing your book. (you have to wait until the end to see Gary :)

Oh and by the way, I do own Gary’s book ‘Crush it!”

Now I’d like him to read mine… lol

Maybe that’s how I can get #2 on the list done, send my book to Gary for a review! :)

What do you think?