Day in and day out I am reminded over and over about how much more clearly and how much louder actions are than the words people say.

When you are building a business understanding this becomes even more important. If someone tells you they will do something, or, conversely, if you tell someone you will do something and then there is no follow-through, what does that say about that person, or about you?

It comes into play at all levels of our lives – with our families, with our business, with our peers and friends, and just as importantly with ourselves.

Start to take the time to really watch what you commit to in all areas of your life – including with yourself. Make it a firm commitment that if you agree to something you will do 1 of 3 things, no matter what:

1 – Fulfill your commitment: Be sure it is on time and in a manner of which you can be proud.

2 – Adjust the terms: If you aren’t going to make the commitment, it’s ok to adjust the agreement as long as you do it prior to any agreed upon deadline. Manage expectations, do your best and be upfront if things aren’t working out the way you’d hoped.

3 – Cancel the commitment: This must be done BEFORE the deadline – and if it has to be done, it should be done WELL BEFORE the deadline. It’s ok to change your mind, as long as you respect yourself and everyone else in the process.

And, when it comes to working with other people, you can let them know that you expect them to fulfill within these parameters (or others, if you decide these don’t work for you) prior to getting started. If they can’t manage to stay within these guidelines, you probably want to go elsewhere with your relationships.

Now, let’s tie this to your marketing and marketing strategies. How does this concept apply?

Both with yourself and with others you may engage for support, services, partnerships etc.

Once you commit to yourself that you are going to do something specific with your business, products, services, marketing, marketing strategies, sales – whatever it is – you need to set yourself up for success and follow 1 of these 3 guidelines too. Make sure whatever you are planning is actually DOABLE so you can aim for #1 and fulfill the commitment.

Listen, not all marketing works the first time around (in fact, most doesn’t), so make your job continuing to do the work, to track the results and make changes. Don’t judge yourself based on the outcome, be pleased with yourself for DOING THE WORK. That is more important that anything else – just do the work.

And, if you engage someone else’s services or support for your marketing or marketing strategies, or you engage in a joint venture or partnership, make sure the other person is approaching things with this kind of attitude. You’ll find you get much further if you start out on the same page, so doing the work to set the expectations up front – so everyone knows what they are responsible for, what the deadlines are etc – will make everything much more likely to succeed.

Remember, actions always speak louder than words. Watch yourself and others around you and you’ll see this is one of those simple and true facts about our reality.