Success is not final,

failure is not fatal:

it is the courage to continue that counts.

Winston Churchill

Sometimes, the fear of failure can make you very hesitant to try new things. Often, some of the most powerful feelings you have experienced are those that come after a perceived failure. The question of, “What if I fail again?” can hinder you from making progress in the future.

Why not consider changing your perspective and try seeing failure from the other side? What if you were to look at failure in a more positive light instead of the usual negative one? How might shift this benefit you?

Think about the following benefits of failing:

1. You may try something new in the process. Although we all know people who would disagree, it is impossible to be an expert on all things. Every day, you gain knowledge as new people enter your life and new items are invented.

  • When you try something for the first time, it might not work out as expected. That’s okay. Think about how that new experience will benefit you in the future.
  • When you make a concerted effort, you can still be proud of yourself.

2. You gain new knowledge. Perhaps you joined a book club, but did not really enjoy attending the meetings. But, you did read the first few assigned books. You learned about South Africa and several other topics you didn’t know about previously.

The key is to figure out what you learned from a less-than-successful event.

3. You can make a personal discovery. For example, perhaps while you were trying to salvage a previous relationship, you finally realized that you often sacrifice your own needs to keep a partner around.

  • It was good for you to learn that lesson. Since that last break-up, you have found that you are more in touch with what you truly want and can now communicate more effectively with your new partner.
  • You discovered some very important self-knowledge that will enrich your life going forward.

4. You may encounter new people that you will be glad you found. During the process of failure at work or in your social life, you are very likely to forge new relationships. You can now celebrate a new friendship.

The situation that you so quickly labeled as a “failure,” was likely worth the relationship you gained.

5. You realize what is truly important. We all strive to determine what matters most to us. And when you experience failure, you can sometimes discover what is truly important in your life. Arriving at that realization will help you from this point forward.

6. You get a do-over. If you never acknowledge an error, you will never know the incredible feeling you get from correcting your mistake. Knowing that you were able to rectify a previous misstep will bring you great confidence and personal satisfaction.

7. Your future decisions will be more well-informed. You have valuable insight and can proceed with clarity due to your previous mistakes. When a similar incident arises, you might react by thinking, “Been there, done that.” Hopefully, you will not make the same mistake or fall in the same hole twice.

It is true that making mistakes in your life can actually be helpful. They can provide you with knowledge about yourself and how you want to proceed in life. Looking back on your experiences that were less fruitful than you had hoped at the time will bear good and usable fruit for you in the future.

Embrace your errors and blossom!

To your continued success!!

Photo Credit: jurvetson via Compfight cc