When you’re trying to get something done, efficiency is paramount. You need to be as proficient as possible with your time, money and resources to make your goals become realities. And there’s no one who knows this better than the great Mr. Ron Swanson.

For the best results in any project or major endeavor, I suggest you follow his lead:

1) Exercise great problem-solving

Think outside the box to solve problems that spring up. For example, if your physical well-being depends on increased potassium consumption but you can’t stand the texture of a banana, incorporate it with your favorite cuisine!

Now that’s how you do that.

2) Be frank and don’t waste time

Don’t beat around the bush. When you’re communicating with others, being forthright and getting to the point quickly will save you time and dismiss potential distractions. Sort of like I just did.

3) Set your goals ahead of time

It’s important to set your goals and make them known as you begin something new. This way you’ll stave off contradictory ideas and other debilitating obstructions… like corn on the cob.

4) Keep the coffee flowing

Coffee is important. When you or your team need that extra pick-me-up, be sure there’s a functioning coffee maker on hand. People may become unruly and even turn on one another if they’re deprived of their favorite beverage, so don’t let things get ugly…

5) Slash expenses

Don’t waste money on things you don’t need. Weed out excess costs and stick to the absolute necessities; financial responsibility is important and there will always be unplanned expenses ahead.

But being too frugal can hurt you as well. Make sure your workplace suits your needs, and don’t get rid of anything vital to your survival (such as shelter).

6) Be prepared for disaster

Never get caught with your pants down. Have a plan B for those unexpected calamities – whether it’s a delayed product shipment or the arrival of a crazed ex-wife.

It’s the smart way to save time and counter setbacks quickly.

7) Nip your setbacks in the bud

Acknowledge your problems as they arise and take care of them fast. Ignoring a bad situation won’t make it go away, and sometimes you just have to bite the bullet (or the pliers) and deal with it. Kind of like pulling a bad tooth…

And don’t dwell on the past. If you had to resolve an unpleasant issue, brush it off and move on. Or just do as Ron does and get a couple ridiculous chuckles out of it.