Being successful in business depends largely on the consistency of your efforts to work. Building systems, strategies and schedules can help you expand and build an regular audience and thus creating more connections and potential profits.

Here are 7 things that you should be doing daily to build you business:

  1. Set Daily Goals – It makes things so much easier when you have goals set in place, and a clear plan on how to achieve those goals. In the morning write down what you want to accomplish for the day. I like to set my alarm about 10 minutes earlier than when I need to be up to get this done, or I write them out before bed for the following day.)
  2. Follow up with leads – set an hour aside to call or email your current leads. Keep them in the loop and let them know that you are interested in helping them. This is super important!
  3. Network with 3-5 entrepreneurs – Business is ALL ABOUT NETWORKING. Get in contact with fellow business owners and let them know what you have going on and invite them to tell you about them as well. You can possibly collaborate on a project or even exchange information to pass along to others; therefore generating new leads and helping them through referrals as well. (LinkedIn is a great way to get in touch with professionals.)
  4. Talk to at least 7 new people about your business – Whether its a fellow professional or a prospective customer, get talking! Nobody will know what you do unless you tell them. Be enthusiastic and genuine when sharing what you do and when asking for business.
  5. Update your social network accounts – I know we are all busy working our businesses, but right now social network marketing is crucial. As a business owner, keeping up with the times is essential. By updating Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social network accounts with business information and promotional blurbs, you will be keeping customers and prospects in the know and reaching a larger audience.
  6. Read or Listen to motivational material – I like to read a few blog articles daily, listen to a recorded motivation call, or attend a team conference call within my business. This keeps my pumped throughout the day!
  7. Make it a point to help someone! – I truly believe that in business being genuine and really wanting to provide service to someone is VITAL and more important than anything. Sometimes it becomes all about money and that’s not good in my opinion. Be genuine; love what you do. Profits will come, but keep your heart in it and maintain a helpful attitude.

Put these 7 actions to work and start seeing results. Let me know how they work for you!