“Showrooming”, where shoppers walk into a physical store, check a product on display and then purchase it at an online store, has become the bête noire of many big-box retailers. According to a recent eMarketer report, 72% of US consumers have made a purchase online after browsing for a product in-store.

With shoppers relying a lot more on smartphones and tablets for online shopping, brick-and-mortar retail stores are increasingly realizing the need to become more relevant to today’s tech-savvy customers. In order to thwart the fast growing showrooming trend and to compete with online shopping, brick and mortar retailers are adopting unique ways to enhance customer experiences in-store.
Retailers have now realized that providing a digitally-enabled experience is the best way ahead to entice customers to buy in-store. With more and more brands lined up to grab the attention of customers, advanced technological features have become a critical part of the in-store shopping experience.Technology can be used inside stores in various ways: for experiential purposes, to appeal to mobile users, increase convenience for shoppers, or to promote a retailer’s online presence.
Retailers are using everything from interactive mirrors, to videos, and virtual mannequins to touchscreens to enhance the in-store experience for shoppers. Find out how leading brands are using technology in-store, in the slidedeck below.
As retail technology becomes more sophisticated, brick-and-mortar stores will need to strategize creative uses of advanced technology in order to attract customers. Some of these are : use of beacons in-store, omni-channel retailing, digitization of product inventory. Beacon technology pinpoints a customer’s physical in-store location and sends them relevant data and offers about the products around them is certainly one of the most important trends to look out for. In order to fight the showrooming trend, it’s imperative to implement creative campaigns combining technology, social media and the retailer’s unique selling proposition to entice and engage customers.

Take a look at the slidedeck below to know how retailers can use digital and web technologies to their advantage by bringing the benefits of online experience into their in-store environment.