Flickr photo by Jaclyn Drum
Flickr photo by Jaclyn Drum

As a new mom, I’m getting introduced to the vast, colorful world of children’s television, ranging from nostalgic shows like Sesame Street to newer shows like Word World. Bob the Builder is about a construction worker fixing and building various projects around his claymation town. His construction machinery and equipment come alive and they all work together to achieve goals.

The lessons Bob the Builder teaches about teamwork and collaboration goes above the head of my 18-month-old, but some of it resonates with me. It’s a reminder of the importance of certain key aspects for a great work environment and attitude.

1. Be Positive

No matter what task is handed to Bob (and some seem pretty unrealistic like building an amusement park), he takes it on with excitement. Consider how your outlook and attitude affects your productivity and the way you approach a new project. Can you build it? Yes you can!

2. Be Friendly

Bob’s town is overly friendly. The pizza man lets the museum owner stay at his house when there’s a flood at the art show. The dance teacher makes special hours to ensure Bob is ready for the big dance. And so on and so on. Be friendly and helpful everywhere you go. Even if the request is a bit out of our jurisdiction, it’s OK to help out. When you’re in a jam, the people you helped will help you.

3. Be Honest

Sometimes projects take longer than anticipated or go over budget. By addressing the potential challenges upfront and setting a precedence, it will be easier to have those harder conversations when situations go awry. Bob always explains to his clients that a project will require certain equipment, time and resources.

4. Don’t do it alone

Bob has a team of construction equipment as well as Wendy, his other construction worker, to get the job done. By working as a team and collaborating with all the necessary people and objects, the work get done efficiently. Plus, working in a team with those you enjoy makes the project a lot more fun.

5. Have fun

Bob focuses on solving problems and accomplishing tasks, but there’s always a fun aspect to it. Maybe it’s living in claymation or the fact that everything (including tractors) talk, but that atmosphere around Bob’s work is always fun and positive because he’s happy, hard-working and with a group of people (and machines) he loves.

What tips and tricks do you learn from kids TV?