5 Ways to Get Motivated During the Workday

It’s not always easy to stay inspired, especially when it comes to the grind of your career. Even if you are in a job and profession that you are passionate about, you will face days (or even longer) when you feel deflated of your motivation. Rather than let it get the best of you, fight back with these quick workday motivation tools:

Get Up and Walk

Take a stroll to the work cafeteria, or head outside for a quick walk around the block. Keep your smartphone at your desk, and just unplug for a few minutes while your heart rate gets a natural boost. See if a friend wants to join you for some instant camaraderie and a social break from your lull.

Just do Something

Lack of motivation can be compounded by feeling overwhelmed when your to-do list seems to be stagnant. If you are facing a mental block on a particular task, move on to another one. Just get something – anything – done, and will you feel at least a little bit accomplished.

Drink a Glass of Water

You may think that reaching for that afternoon cup of coffee will boost your can-do attitude, but it could actually make you feel worse. The caffeine in coffee and soda may give your heart rate a little boost but will dehydrate you too. Instead of adding to your typical caffeine intake for the day, up your water consumption instead. Add a splash of lemon for an instant pick-me-up.

Ask for Help

You can’t completely push your tasks off to other people, of course, but you can seek out an outside opinion. Perhaps another person will see your issue, or project, or assignment in a different light and can give you some extra motivation to get over your slump.

Revisit Your Personal Goals

If you’ve never actually written out your professional goals then you really should take the time to do it. If you have those at the ready, take them out or open the file that holds them on your computer and re-read them. Why are you in the career field you chose? What is it that you want to accomplish in 5, 10 or 20 years? How can the projects you have at hand get you where you want to be later on? Sometimes just a quick reminder of why you do what you do is all that is needed to get back on track.

How do you overcome your workday slumps?

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