In today’s challenging environment, businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to do more with less.

One of the ways to reduce your office expenses is to analyze everything that you currently manage, from your business machines to your document workflow.  Chances are there are ways to improve your efficiencies and create a healthier bottom line.

 Replace your fleet of printers with one copier.  Does this make sense for your business?  Your initial reaction with this first step may not be very positive.  However, let me justify this step.  If you are the person that purchases toner/ink for your printers, then you will not be surprised just how expensive it is.  If your print volume is more than light duty, you may be purchasing more than one ink cartridge per month.  Do you have any idea how much you are paying “per print”?  What about functionality?  Can that printer do more than simply print from your computer?  Can it email or convert a scanned document into an editable format?  I have worked with many companies that strategically placed one copier in an area that once used 4-5 printers.  The cost per page was drastically lowered and the energy usage decreased by replacing the printers with a more efficient device.  All of the PC’s were conveniently networked to the copier giving the office more functionality and at a lowered cost.  What they once paid for ink cartridges alone now covered the cost of the new lease AND service on the device with money to spare at the end of the month.

Example:  I found online a published price of $79.99 for a HP 12A Black Toner Cartridge (Q2612A).  The specs state that this particular cartridge yields 2,000 copies.  Doing the math I calculated that this cartridge will cost $0.0399 per page.  That’s almost a staggering 4 cents per page!  A new Toshiba B/W copier will cost $0.007 per page, which is under a penny.

Take advantage of technology in order to improve your workflow.  As technology improves, the cost of software solutions become more affordable.  Advanced scanning software solutions such as Toshiba’s Re-Rite, Drivve Image or PaperCut have revolutionized the way businesses process documents.  Now, procedures can be implemented from a simple scanned document that will increase efficiencies and save you both time and money.  According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the average organization spends $20 to file each document and wastes 25 hours recreating each lost file.  Document management solutions will securely manage your digital filing system and reduce your document expenses.

For example, Toshiba’s Re-Rite software can convert any scanned document into 21 different editable formats such as MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and HTML.  You can also search for digital documents created from your scans with the use of keywords.

PaperCut implementation ranges from silently tracking employee usage by individual, office or department, to explicit reporting of usage costs, budgeting, and environmental impacts. Your printing can now being monitored and under control.

One of the features of Drivve Image is to access existing information resources (ERP, CRM, etc.) and use an organization’s metadata to index incoming documents or to intelligently generate file and folder names.

Below are just a few of the features of advanced scanning software solutions.

  • File and search for electronic document with keywords, date ranges, etc.
  • Save money on paper and consumables
  • Improve productivity and reduce labor costs
  • Eliminate your filing cabinets
  • Secure your important documents from being lost, misfiled or taken from the office
  • Control costs and reduce your carbon footprint

 Us a Managed Print Service (Device management software to monitor and manage the print devices in your workspace).  Printing costs are often a large part of your companies’ expenditures.  A managed print service will optimize your devices and offer a solution to cut costs and increase efficiencies. With Toshiba’s PageSmart program, you only pay for what you use. Service, supplies, parts and labor are all rolled into one low, cost-per-page. They will completely manage all of your printers—regardless of manufacturer.  Imagine having just one qualified company who will monitor and service all of your printers and copiers.  No more calls to different repair technicians for service or paying high rates for toner/ink cartridges.  A managed print “partner” will charge just one cost-per-copy for all of your devices while maintaining the service of the devices.

Reduce your carbon footprint.  You can save money on energy usage by choosing products that are EPEAT rated.  EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) is a comprehensive environmental rating system that helps you identify greener copiers, computers and other electronics.  Products that are EPEAT registered ensures EPEAT compliant design, production, energy use and recycling processes.

Another way to reduce your carbon footprint is by choosing a copier that uses reusable toner.  Toshiba’s new 306LP is the first MFP to incorporate a unique erasable toner enabling the output to be erased and re-used multiple times. By reducing paper consumption, you help reduce solid waste streams and air and water pollutants.

Hire a reliable Managed IT Service.  It’s always better to focus on your business and let the trained professionals focus on your technology.  If the unthinkable happens, is your essential data safe?  What would it cost if you had to recover your important documents due to a disaster?  A managed IT service will protect your network, securely backup your files and offer help-desk support.  They will free your computers of spyware and malicious viruses to make sure that your network runs at full capacity.  Including a reliable managed IT service will decrease downtime, increase efficiencies and prevent the unexpected threat.

The bottom line is that when your network is down or your computers are not functioning properly, you’re losing money.