The secrets of conversion optimisation and the checkout area You no longer have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to optimise conversion rates. In 90 per cent of cases simple strategies have been employed and have resulted in significantly better results.They are now established as standard measures.Find out more about the five tips for optimising coversion rates:

Purchase on account

Numerous studies have shown that the option to purchase on account contributes to a massive boost in the conversion rate of online shops. If you think about it, this makes logical sense. Payment is a complicated business, and many users are afraid that their details will be misused. Purchase on account seems the safest method to use, and it goes without saying that users will order more because they don’t have to pay up front. However, the downside is just as logical- the number of returns increases.

Regular customers

Our analysis has shown that regular customers generate conversion rates which are twice as high as those of first-time visitors. This sounds logical and is easy to understand. The regular customer is highly qualified, already knows what he wants and has fewer reservations. Simply put, he is much more likely to buy. The shop must be made as attractive as possible if conversion rates are to be optimised.


Trust is a major problem in e-commerce. Numerous studies have shown that users are likely to doubt the reputability of online retailers and abort their purchases. Building trust optimises conversion rates – it’s not rocket science, it’s just common sense. Display images of the products and delivery times in the shopping basket, use a trustmark, display customer reviews, use FAQs to resolve issues, and introduce your company.

Order form

This has been analysed and tested several times and the result has always been the same. It’s as plain as day: nobody likes filling in forms. That’s why they should be as short as possible. Don’t ask for unnecessary information and mark mandatory fields. Display additional fields, like the despatch address, only on request and explain the fields properly, putting them in the right order.

Shipping costs

If your shipping costs are above average, you will be seen as expensive in the eyes of the user. This will result in abandoned purchases. You will optimise conversion rates by keeping your shipping costs low, easy to understand and fair. (No complex calculations, no surcharges, no hidden costs). Transparency will boost conversion!

Good luck with optimising your conversion rates!