My good friend, Robbie Reese, asked me the other day over a beer: “How do you muster up enough confidence to share your thoughts with the world?” Great question. Basically what he was asking was how do you overcome the inner voice (aka the Resistance) that says…”Who cares what you have to say?”

Overcoming The Resistance

When we experience doubtful internal talk, that is the voice of fear taking the form of what many call the Resistance. The Resistance spits daily lies like “Who do you think you are doing that!?” “What makes you an expert?” or “No one cares what you have to say.” Everyone has this voice but it’s intensity can vary if you know how to mute it.

The answer I gave Robbie that night was 100% dissatisfactory. Since then, I’ve pondered the question and feel as though I finally have a satisfactory response to how I overcome the Resistance. Although this pertains to my blogging and speaking. I think these Resistance killers can be applied to many different processes.

4 Ways To Slay The Resistance:

  1. Persistent Pouring. A key to muting the inner Resistance is drowning it in healthy input (i.e. books, podcasts, conferences, stories, etc.) of people who have accomplished your desired output. To become confident enough to launch or share your project with the world, you’ve got to have a consistent flow of input that washes away the Resistance. My persistent pouring over the years has resulted in enough confidence to let it spill into the world.
  2. Rigid Routine. Left to our own devices, we get weak and the emotion of the moment can wreck our ability to launch. Box out the Resistance disguised as emotion with a rigid routine. Routines have a superpower that eliminates second guessing yourself. My rigid routine is blogging every morning at 6:30am in order to post 2x a week. I don’t have time to dwell and second guess my content. My readers expectations force me into action which silences the Resistance.
  3. Trusted Tribe. It’s been said, you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. A credible and influential association that provides honest feedback is crucial to increasing confidence levels to stamp out the Resistance. My tribe’s encouraging tweets, emails, comments, and conversations give me the confidence and affirmation to keep producing. Welcome the good and bad but always consider the source.
  4. Mindful Mining. Being attentive and unearthing other’s perspectives is crucial for continued development and the slaying of the Resistance. By mining other’s thoughts or interpretations gives you the freedom to not always be right and to keep building on a topic. My perspective is only 1 viewpoint. By asking a question at the end of my blog posts communicates that I do not have all the answers and want or need more discussion on the topic.

The world needs your passion. Be bold. Slay your inner resistance and contribute.

Question: What are the techniques you use to slay the Resistance?