Mentor photo from ShutterstockTake a moment to think about where you are today and how you arrived at your current job. Were there any special people who helped you accomplish your career goals?

An important element of building a strong personal brand is thanking the people who helped you achieve your dreams. Mentors and colleagues play a huge role in professional and personal development for job seekers, which is why it’s important to recognize them for their guidance. Without their help, many job seekers and professionals wouldn’t be as successful as they are today.

Whether your mentor is a college professor, an old boss, or a friend, make sure you remember to recognize them for everything they’ve done for you. If you’re looking for some ways to thank your mentor, check out these ideas:

1. Write a blog post about your mentor

A thoughtful way to recognize your mentor is to write a feature story about him or her on your blog. Blog posts are a great way to share the lessons you’ve learned while thanking the person for being an excellent role model. There are a number of angles you can write this piece, so it’s really up to you how you do it.

If you’re looking for some ideas, consider interviewing your mentor or write about a lesson he or she taught you. For example, if there was a moment in your job search where you were discouraged and your mentor helped you overcome an obstacle, share some of the insight your mentor gave you.

2. Promote your mentor’s content

Promoting your mentor’s content is a great way to reciprocate the help they’ve given you. Whether they shared some of your work with a colleague or promoted your portfolio to employers, your mentor has been by your side to make sure you get recognition in your industry. Why not think your mentor for everything they’ve done to build your brand by returning the same favor?

3. Send a handwritten thank you note

There’s no better way to thank a mentor than to simply say “thank you.” Handwritten thank you notes are a special way to show any person gratitude. Even though this is a more personal way of recognizing your mentor, it is still a nice gesture to show him or her how much their wisdom means to you.

4. Be a super-connector for your mentor

Your mentor has probably served as a great resource for networking as you’ve looked for jobs or new professional development opportunities. Chances are, they’ve connected you with people who landed you jobs or helped you reach the next level of your career.

Recognize your mentor by reciprocating the networking they’ve done for you in your career. You can do this by connecting your mentor with people you think would create a beneficial relationship. This is just another great way to recognize your mentor for how they helped you build a strong network over the years.

Regardless of how you choose to show appreciation for your mentor, thanking them for their wisdom, guidance, and friendship is a wonderful way to strengthen your relationship. Why not take some time today to say “thank you” to the people who have helped you the most throughout your career?

How do you recognize your mentors?