For global organizations, managing and controlling telecommunications contracts requires expertise often beyond the resources of in-house procurement departments. To ensure that proposals are efficiently sourced and managed, and that the best possible outcome is achieved, organizations will often look to use the services of an external telecom procurement partner. Here are four main reasons why this process can be too complex to manage in-house.

1. Difficulty of managing suppliers
Multiple telecom contracts with numerous suppliers across different countries will typically need to be managed. Most organisations rarely possess the in-house knowledge required to manage the complex tariff structures that occur in different markets across Europe, to ensure that suppliers’ billing data is accurate, or to identify where contracts can be altered to save on telecom expenditure.

2. The time and expertise needed to analyse mass amounts of data
Due to the large volumes of devices across different countries, organisations are often presented with large amounts of billing data in different formats and currencies, filled with terminology which is country specific. Analysing this considerable amount of billing data and consolidating this information across the entire organisation can be an arduous and time-consuming task.

3. Lack of expert market knowledge
Analysing dozens of proposals from numerous suppliers requires expert market knowledge. Organisations rarely possess this, resulting in uninformed decisions being made in regards to the selection of an optimum solution.

4. A need for supplier transparency
Using an external TEM procurement specialist can provide a greater level of transparency in regards to pricing and the suppliers’ own saving calculations. This is due to the fact that a partner will act impartially and in the client’s best interest, and can challenge a supplier’s assumptions with authority and expertise.

As we’ve highlighted, telecommunications can be an extremely difficult area to control for organizations that are multinational and have multiple bills and contracts that need managing and analyzing. An external procurement partner can help manage this process efficiently and effectively to help provide significant returns.