call trackingAs marketers explore new methods to improve their marketing ROI and get more leads, some tools go by the wayside. But some things are so tried and true, their value so undeniable, that they last and last. Call tracking is one of those tools, and here’s why.

Google Search Is Constantly Changing

Every day, 16% of the searches that occur are ones that Google has never seen before. New search terms, new keywords… Search is constantly evolving and having keyword-level information on the calls that come in from your ads is important to capitalizing on those changes and getting an edge on your competitors.

Understanding PPC Performance is Critical

Good search marketers practice the five why’s when analyzing performance to really understand drivers of performance and adjust accordingly, and that depth of analysis usually leads you to the root of the program—keywords. If you’re not at the keyword level and you ask “Why did PPC calls go up/down this month?” you’re stuck scratching your head. Maybe you turn keywords back on next month, but then your data is incomplete and noisy and you’re sitting around trying to tie results from one period to the activities in another—bad practice in today’s fast-paced, multi-faceted digital advertising world.

CEOs Want Attribution

Marketers have to prove to CEOs and clients every month that they deserve a paycheck. That means continuing to get attribution for programs, the leads (calls) they generate and the revenue that results from those leads, as well as providing the appropriate level of detail around those numbers. Call tracking is one of the best ways to do this, and smart marketers lean on it time and time again.

Call Tracking Is Cost Effective

If the call tracking provider uses pooled numbers and session-based tracking, this limits the cost of call tracking programs. Paying 1-2% of your budget to track results and know what efforts work is a no-brainer. Call tracking has evolved since its creation, but it remains as the go-to tool for marketers who want to prove and improve their marketing strategy. Want to learn more about how smart marketers use call tracking for lead gen? We have a free white paper you can download now, Call Tracking for Lead Generation: What Marketers Need to Know.