All videos are not created equal.  Take a look at these categories and consider the different ways avideo production can work for your business.  Are you an established company with a new product you want to introduce?  Or a new company that needs to inspire confidence in prospective clients?  Are you trying to connect with a specific demographic?  Tailor your video production to your specific business needs.

Commercials boost sales by spotlighting a product or service in a way that print and pictures simply cannot. Besides educating your audience on why your product or service is superior, commercials also give you the chance to make an emotional connection with your viewer. OC Imageworks has the talent to script, film, and edit a commercial that will grab your customer’s attention and give you a real return on your investment.

Commercials can do double duty as web videos.  Why limit the release of a commercial to paid spots on cable or network television when you can get virtually free exposure on the Internet?  Simply embed or link an uploaded version of your commercial to your web site and watch your hits increase.

Branding Films create a lasting image of your organization or business while inspiring excitement and confidence in your audience. Free from the time constraints of TV advertising, these web videos enable you to present your audience with a broader picture of your company or organization’s history, mission, and vision for the future. Let OC Imageworks help you create a cinematic branding film that will show your audience what your organization or business is all about.

Testimonials give your satisfied customers a chance to tell the world exactly why they should seek your product or service over your competitor’s. When your audience sees how happy your customers are, they will feel confident they’re making the right choice. OC Imageworks has plenty of experience working with companies and their customers to create testimonial videos that make a positive and memorable impression.

Product Demo Videos are essential for showcasing products that require assembly or installation. Product demo videos allow your customers to see your product in action, which inspires trust in your product even before they purchase it. Let our team at OC Imageworks create a product demo video that will draw positive customer attention by spotlighting the unique qualities of your product.