Do you have lofty sales goals to reach?

Here are 3 ways to achieve your lofty sales goals for a salesperson AND 3 ways to reach those goals if you’re the boss.

If you’re a salesperson:

Whether you’ve got aggressive sales goals that are self-imposed, have stretch goals to achieve a reward or win a contest, or are striving to achieve set goals you’ve got no choice but to dig deep and find a way to achieve.

1. Look Back – Take a look back at this time last year. What was happening? Who were you working with and when was the last time you spoke with them? Are they due for an upgrade or are there any new or additional services that you can offer them? Look at your sales history and your contact management software to help you re-connect with past clients.

2. Look Ahead – What do the deals that are in your sales pipeline amount to? How far off are you from the mark? Don’t forget to include probability of closing those deals. Are there deals in your long term pipeline that you can move up to execute sooner?

Having a firm grasp on your sales pipeline and knowing, at all times, where you are at financially will increase the chances of your reaching your goals.

3. Put Prospecting Activities on Steroids – If you make the first thing that you do each day involve taking a look at your sales forecast or pipeline, make the next thing you do involve prospecting for new business. If you start the day off with these productive actions, chances are that you’ll have more control over your ability to reach your goals. Every day should have the goal of drumming up new business while also pushing deals through the sales funnel. Talk to existing customers first, to see if you can wrangle up some additional business or to follow up on things that are in the pipeline and then reach out and start doing some hunting for additional opportunities.

(Here are some prospecting tips for small businesses)

If you’re the boss or manage a team:

Being a fearless leader is good. Being an effective leader is even better. Is your team capable of meeting their goals? How can you help them?

1. Provide the Right Tools – Make sure your salespeople have the skills and tools to track and manage their sales pipeline.

2. Provide Support and Feedback – Sales teams need support to help them achieve their goals. A cohesive and communicative workplace is one that will be much more productive.

3. Compensation – A great way to make sure you achieve or even exceed your goals is to “Show them the Money”. Friendly competition and incentives will work wonders for bringing the best out in people’s performance levels.

Happy Selling!