Having a web video for you company’s website and social media platforms is a fantastic way to direct more traffic to your site, engage your potential customers, and give you a boost in SEO. When making a web video for your company, it’s always a great idea for an owner, partner, or key employee to be on-screen for some portion of it to create a ‘face’ for your website and by having an on-screen spokesperson you can make your website more personable and make visitors more apt to contact you. Getting in front of a camera can be nerve-racking for a lot of people so here are a few tips and tricks to making your video shoot fun:

1. No Need to Memorize

It’s always important to know what you are saying on-camera but it isn’t necessary to go and try to memorize the script. Look over the script to get a general idea of what you are reading and, if possible, read through it two or three times to get the feel and flow but complete memorization is best avoided. When going off of pure memory, delivery can seem wooden, stiff, and impersonal. If possible, ask the production crew if they have a teleprompter or cue cards you can use. This allows you to alleviate the stress of memorization and let’s you have a more candid, flowing read with you looking at ease and comfortable in front of the camera.

2. Dress Appropriately

On video, it is extremely important to look professional and put-together so be sure that your wardrobe is appropriate for the type of video you are making. Remember this video is quite possibly the first introduction people will have to your business, so you have to dress to impress. There are a few wardrobe choices that are best to be avoided, such as tight patterns such as stripes or plaid because the seem to “shimmer” on film or extremely bright colors. Also be sure to check it you are going to be working with a green screen because there are other limitations to what you can wear while filming with one, the biggest one being avoiding the color green.

3. Relax

Stick most people in front of a camera, and the nerves will almost automatically kick in- the sweating, the cotton-mouth, the fear of messing up. The best advice for this is to take a deep breath and know that if you do mess up, there are always possibilities for more takes. Keep in mind that the crew around you is there solely to make you, and the end product, look as amazing as possible. Keep a water bottle nearby for those sporadic cotton-mouth moments and don’t be afraid to ask for a break if you need one. Professional crews know how hard it is to be on-camera for certain people so they will try to make you feel as comfortable as possible and try to make the experience an enjoyable one

Web videos are a wonderful asset to have for any company and if you prepare for your video shoot using the tips above, the end product should turn out to be something to be very proud of. It’s time for lights, camera, action!