3 tips to being more creativeAccording to Patricia Aburdene, author of “Megatrends 2010,” creativity and innovation will be the hallmarks of success through 2020 and beyond.  The businesses that are going to thrive are the ones that can continually provide creative solutions to their clients’ problems.

At any given time, your client can find 100 million pages providing solutions to their most pressing problems. HOWEVER, the likelihood that those pages have the similar information is high. In fact, most of what your client is going to find is rehashed information…. and that’s where you come in.

You can provide your client with the creative solutions they need. The question is; how do you tap into your innate creativity?

Here are three tips that will help you:

1. Deep Listening: Listening is rarely talked about as a creative solution, but it is the best tool in your creative tool box.

Here’s why it works: Let’s say you’ve been in business for 10 years. You’ve seen it all. In fact, you’re experience is an asset that you like to promote. The problem with experience is that you may find yourself already providing solutions before you’ve had a chance to really listen to your client.

Creativity is spontaneous and new. And while you may offer some of the same solutions, with deep listening, you’ll be able to tailor what you know to your client’s needs. 

2. Get outside of your comfort zone.  Monotony is the enemy of creativity. Creative people are always pushing the boundaries of what they know. They purposely place themselves in uncomfortable situations which gives them new and fresh perspectives.  You can apply this principle by placing yourself in mildly uncomfortable situations throughout your day.  For example, if you wear black, try wearing color. If you talk a lot during meetings, try listening.

3. Take a nap.  Or at least take a regularly scheduled break during the day.  Rest is another overlooked component to being more creative. Creativity doesn’t come from over thinking a solution; creativity bubbles up from within or knocks you over with a new revelation.  For this to happen you have to give creativity the space to well up from the recesses of your heart and mind.

Creativity is the commodity of the future, and you already have it.