We live in a culture of mottos, statements to live by or sometimes to help you get by.  Statements like, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” Or, “Learn from yesterday; live for today; hope for tomorrow.”

A personal mission statement, however, is the North Star on a cold dark night. It is a guiding principle that infuses your purpose for being with all of your personal and professional interactions.

When you feel connected to your personal mission statement, it can elevate ANY situation into an uplifting experience; it can also be a crucial factor in making the right decisions.

Jerry Hicks, co-author of the Abraham-Hicks best-selling book series and master marketer, wrote this as his personal mission statement:

“It is my intention that the lives of all people I interact with will either be elevated as a result of our interaction, or they will be left where they are, but that no one will be diminished as a result of their interaction with me.”

Why You Need a Personal Mission Statement

1. A personal mission statement adds the necessary energy and purpose to successfully complete your projects at home and at work.

Google, “What’s my life’s purpose,” and over a billion results come up. Your life’s purpose is not necessarily about accomplishing a certain task, or working in a particular career. Your life’s purpose is about bringing meaning to everything that you do.

2.  It creates a deeper sense of connection to friends, family, and clients. Imagine meeting a potential new client for the first time and rather than focusing on the sale, your intention is, “How can I serve this person?” or “How can I elevate this person’s experience?”

When you remove the “What can you do for me?” attitude from your interactions with others, you connect.

In the case of making a sale, your potential client closes him or herself.  At The Life Oasis, we call it the “Art of Selling without Selling.”

3. A personal mission statement helps you to stay focused on the goal.  Life Entrepreneurs are great at starting projects, but usually not so great at finishing them.

When your work is infused with purpose, finishing the project carries with it a higher level of importance. Your project becomes your gift to the people who depend on you.

This week, we challenge you to create your own personal mission statement!  In doing so, know that you will single handedly shift the level of gratification you’ll get out of your life and work in an amazingly positive direction.

Co-written by Krista Magidson and Wei Houng