Efftel Telecom Expense Management

When sourcing a Telecom Expense Management supplier, each TEM vendor will state they are able to offer a range of services that will benefit your business in various ways. Being able to assess which supplier is capable of providing value, from initial review through to providing ongoing support, is a crucial part of any procurement professional’s role. To be certain a TEM partner can deliver on what they claim, we recommend that you have a detailed understanding of how capable they are within the following three key areas:

1. Billing Analysis Capabilities

For most large organisations telecom expenditure is often complex and difficult to analyse internally. Errors within current billing data can often be missed as a result of this.  A successful TEM supplier will possess software that can manage and analyse this information easily, whilst providing you with an in-depth telecom expense audit that will find and flag current areas of potential savings.

To ensure your TEM supplier has the capabilities to carry out a comprehensive billing analysis, you’ll need to understand their data collection process, and how this data is analysed through their specialist software. This software should be bespoke to the supplier to provide the most possible value. During sourcing, ask suppliers if their software has been used to analyse billing data of similar sized companies previously. Knowing the outcomes of past audits will help you to understand the successes and outcomes with comparable businesses, who have also been through a billing analysis with the supplier.

2. Procurement Capabilities

The procurement of telecom contracts requires an in-depth knowledge of market pricing and the ability to evaluate large numbers of tenders and proposals. Responses from network operators will contain varying terminology, currencies and languages, which should be easily managed by your TEM partner.

To help understand if a TEM supplier has these procurement skills, you need to identify where the supplier’s current and previous clients are located, which can be achieved through researching client lists via websites or liaising directly with the supplier. A TEM vendor that offers procurement support and has multi-national clients will have an expert understanding of global marketing pricing. This guarantees they can provide you with the information and advice needed to make an informed decision when sourcing telecom contracts.

3. Ongoing Support Capabilities

The ability to take advantage of cost saving opportunities on an ongoing basis is the most effective way to keep costs as low as possible and help your organisation meet its procurement objectives. A TEM supplier can use specialist software on an ongoing basis to analyse billing data for errors and device misuse to provide clear overview reports ensuring that your business remains in control of your telecom expenditure.

You can assess your TEM ability to deliver ongoing support through understanding what software is being used to assist your business moving forward. It’s critical to understand whether this software has been developed independently or in partnership with a network operator. This practice can often occur, leading to data that may favour a certain network provider over another. Software that is independently developed will give you the most accurate information and help you achieve continuous savings now and in the future.

These are the three minimum service capabilities that a Telecom Expense Management supplier should deliver to help your business manage your telecom expenditure. To ensure you choose the right supplier for your organisation, we’ve created a 7-point check guide that runs through other important assessment areas before choosing a TEM partner. Simply click the image below to download our ‘7-Point Check Guide’ for free.