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Recently I had an epiphany – one of those moments where you finally see what you are missing. And it was all because of an impulse buy my husband made – an Adirondack chair. Not one of the fancy ones, just a $20 plastic version. He brought it home and plunked it down under a tree in our back yard.

I actually did not notice the chair until the next day. My morning routine always starts with filling up my multiple bird feeders and, in the summer, watering all of the various flower pots, beds, and my vegetable garden. This morning I was in a rush because I had scheduled a client meeting for early in the day and still had some loose ends to wrap up before the meeting. So I nearly tripped over the chair in my haste to get everything done.

Here’s where it gets interesting: why did I not notice that chair until I nearly tripped over it? Basically, because I was so focused on the task at hand that I did not take time to observe my surroundings. There was something new and different, but it was invisible because I assumed that everything was the same as I last saw it.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Always scan your surroundings to see what might be new and different. It might be an opportunity (a new job) or a challenge (a barrier to achieving a goal). You can only address what you notice. Know that change will happen and develop strategies to deal with the unexpected using your resilient creativity.
  2. More importantly, take time to really appreciate what you have and recognize when something that enhances your life has been added. My morning routine offered the opportunity to really connect with all of the nature going on in our yard. But I had gotten in a rut and was just going through the motions. The chair challenged me to sit down once I completed my tasks and watch the results – happy birds chirping at the feeders, beautiful flowers, and zucchini growing larger by the second. The few minutes spent doing this helped me focus and complete the tasks needed before meeting with the client. So now I make it a point to sit down every morning and take in this wonderful scene I have been blessed with.

And by the way…there is now a second Adirondack chair in the yard, so my husband and I can enjoy the scenery together. What a great way to connect!

Thanks slh1078 (Sharon Hamersley) for the great photo via Flickr.