Running a law firm comes with a host of responsibilities, and it will serve you well if you leave them with a competent legal software. After all, in an industry that demands your legal acumen and wit, you cannot afford to waste your time on mundane business management tasks. All said and done, which tool should you choose to manage your legal firm or your company’s legal department? Let us help you with that. 

We have handpicked the top 10 legal software in the UK right now that make managing legalities and other legal responsibilities of your firm a breeze, so make sure you read this article until the end to find your perfect match.

After multiple rounds of trials on our top 10 picks, we find Clio to be the best legal software. 

Here are the standout features of Clio:

  • Clio allows you to connect to over 200 apps so that you can manage all your business activities from one place. 
  • It allows you to schedule automated reminders for important deadlines and hearings so that you are always on time.
  • The tool is also pretty reasonably priced, allowing even small law firms to enjoy its offerings.
  • Clio makes payment management a breeze. You can accept payments electronically via cards or e-check and track every transaction you make instantly.
  • Clio also has a dedicated client portal to manage all client-to-firm communication and data transfer.

Looking for the best legal software in the UK? We got you covered. Here are our top 10 picks for the best legal software for UK firms and lawyers:

  1. Clio: Best Legal Software UK Overall
  2. Leap: Best Legal Case Management Software With A Mobile App
  3. Opus 2: Best Legal Software For Customer Support 
  4. Peppermint Technology: Best Legal Software For CRM
  5. Luminance: Best Legal Software For Automation
  6. Epoq UK: Best Legal Software For Beginners 
  7. BusyLamp: Best Legal Accounting Software For Invoices And Billing
  8. Lawsyst: Best Legal Practice Management Software For Time Tracking 
  9. Quill: Best Legal Software For Payroll Management 
  10. Legis Solutions: Best Legal Case Management Software For Client Communication

Sure, you want to know more about the best legal software in the UK. Here is a glimpse into everything you need to know about these tools, including their best features, pricing, advantages, and limitations.

As a law firm, your number one focus should be to help clients, and the only way to ensure maximum customer satisfaction is by using tools like Clio. Clio is an all-in-one legal management software that helps you at every stage of a case. 

From helping your clients book easy online appointments to taking care of your bills and invoices, Clio does it all so that the case remains your top priority. 

Keep your firm’s data secure with Clio’s elaborate data security protocols and reap the benefit of round-the-clock support five days a week. 


Best Features

Here is what we love about Clio legal software:

  • Cloud Storage: Gone are the days when you would spend countless hours organizing files in cabinets. With Clio, you can store everything you need in secure and accessible cloud storage.
  • Easy Payments: Clio allows you to create custom bills or send invoices through emails. Your clients can pay via cards or e-check, or you can simply set up automated payments from their credit cards.
  • Reminders: Get automated reminders on important events by creating an event-based calendar in advance.
  • 200+ Integrations: Do you have another firm you need to look after? Clio is the perfect pick for you as it offers 200+ integrations, allowing you to connect and scale the tool as per your requirements instantly. 


Here are the plans offered by Clio:

  • Standard: £49/user/month
  • Premium: £69/user/month
  • Suite: £89/user/month


  • Adequate integration capacity
  • Stellar customer support
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Dedicated client portal


  • Inflexible bill format

Leap is one of the finest legal management software in the UK, recognized by countless prestigious awards for its outstanding service and excellence in the industry. What makes Leap unique is that it caters to traditional legal practices, legal accounting as well as document management.

At its heart lies a dynamic research and development wing that is constantly adapting to changing client needs. Leap case management software will be a perfect pick for you, irrespective of whether you cater to family law, criminal law, corporate law, or any other form of legal practice. 


Best Features

Here is what we love about Leap legal software:

  • Case Management: Upload all your case material to Leap’s secure servers and collaborate with your team. Keeping all your case files in one place will improve your team’s productivity.
  • Client Management: Brainstorming and preparing for a case hardly gives you enough time to manage your clients. Luckily for you, Leap will take care of all your accounting, billing, and reporting needs.
  • Automated Content: Don’t have the time to make your own legal forms and precedents? Let Leap automatically generate all the forms you will need to work on a case.
  • Mobile App: Leap’s mobile application will allow you to access your case files even post working hours and work on the go. 


Leap reveals its pricing only on request; contact its sales team for a custom quote.


  • Simplifies case management 
  • Secure document upload
  • Responsive mobile app
  • Automated form generation


  • Inefficient customer service

Opus 2 aims to make its users future-ready. The tool thrives on the principles of digitalization and connectivity to improve the experience for your company and clients. While other tools focus more on the business activities of your work, Opus 2 focuses on the people: the clients, your team, the management, and of course, you.

The tool helps you create a more personalized experience for your clients and takes the burden of planning and managing hearings from your team so that you can direct your focus on the case. 


Best Features

Here is what we love about Opus 2:

  • Client Portals: Opus 2 offers dedicated client portals to simplify client communication, helping you keep them informed throughout the entire lifecycle of the project. Being secure and encrypted, you also don’t run the risk of compromising sensitive data.
  • Secure & Connected Space for Teams: Don’t waste your time in messy meetings. Instead, use Opus 2’s secure & connected space to invite your team for a discussion with instant access to all case files.
  • Integrated Service: Opus 2 will act as a third party to look after your hearings and trials. This allows them to offer frictionless, integrated service that gets delivered on time.
  • All-round Support: From helping you prepare for the case to managing your hearings and enabling key stakeholders to get remote access when needed, Opus 2 does it all.


Opus 2 does not reveal its pricing on its website. Request a demo to get started, following which you will be provided with a custom quote.


  • Product demo available
  • Secure client portals
  • Better team management 
  • Hearing and trial management 


  • Non-transparent pricing

Law firms today need modern technologies to surpass their competitors and keep their clients happy. If you are on the lookout for the best tools to manage your clients, cases, and documents, try Peppermint Technology.

Trusted by some of the best lawyers and legal firms in the world, Peppermint Technology will provide you with an easy-to-use interface and constantly evolving features. 

Peppermint Technology

Best Features

Here is what we love about Peppermint Technology:

  • Document Management: Whatever documents and files you have, you will be able to manage it all with a click with Peppermint Technology.
  • CRM: Peppermint Technology is one of the few tools that focus on CRM. It offers you a unified view of your clients to help you identify the most important needs of each.
  • Case Management: The best way to manage a case is to streamline all the data you have and store them in one place for your lawyers to access easily, and Peppermint Technology helps you do just that.
  • Team Selection: Want to find the best person for a case? Peppermint Technology’s work management feature allows you to evaluate each team member based on intellect analysis and personal data to show you who is best suited to handle a case.


Peppermint Technology reveals its pricing only on request; reach out to its team for a custom quote.


  • Better client management 
  • Seamless document management 
  • Streamlines case files and data
  • Simplifies team selection


  • No information on their integration capacity 

While there are countless tools to offer competent legal management services, nothing can beat the excellence of AI. Luminance is one of the few legal software in the UK that utilizes the power of AI to automate major business processes for you.

If you visit their website, you will find their client case studies on how they helped each of them achieve their respective goals. With an extensive set of resources to help you get started and a compilation of cutting-edge technology, Luminance is all your law firm needs to put your firm on a growth trajectory. 


Best Features

Here is what we love about Luminance:

  • AI-powered Contract Drafting: Luminance uses a unique “Traffic Light Analysis” feature to check if the incoming contracts are compliant with the state standards and your own policies. 
  • Microsoft Word Integration: Integrate Luminance with Microsoft Word to sync any changes you make in a word document with the AI contract standards set by Luminance. 
  • Collaborative Workflow Tools: Surely, your law firm will benefit from a collaborative working atmosphere. Luminance and its workflow tools simplify team collaboration, team communication, and document access. 
  • Anomaly Detection: Luminance is one of the few tools to offer instant anomaly detection. This way, you will be able to make sure the contract is up to the mark in a few seconds.


Luminance does not reveal its pricing online. Reach out to the sales team for a custom quote. 


  • Available across 60 countries
  • Powerful automation 
  • AI-powered features
  • End-to-end support


  • Features are limited to contracts, negotiations, and analysis.

Founded in 1994, Epoq specializes in document management and automation. What makes Epoq unique is its versatility; it offers separate plans and services to different businesses. So, whether you are serving individual customers (B2C) or other businesses (B2B), you will be offered a tailor-made plan.

More than 60 renowned global brands trust Epoq with their business. Another reason why Epoq outshines other legal software is its outstanding customer support team that is available round-the-clock. Their primary users are banks, insurers, membership organizations, and employers. 


Best Features

Here is what we love about Epoq:

  • Document Management: Create important legal documents and contracts instantly with the help of Epoq’s easy-to-customize online document preparation system. 
  • Guides: Need a little help to get started with consumer laws? Make use of Epoq’s online guide. It is a jargon-free, complete database for everything you need to learn about consumer law.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Businesses with different legal needs can benefit from Epoq. The tool covers commercial law, employment law, intellectual property rights, and whatnot. 
  • Access to Experts: Unlike other tools, Epoq does not leave you to figure out everything on your own. Instead, you can connect with an expert from Epoq and get your legal queries answered anytime you want, even over the phone. 


Epoq, like most legal software, reveals its pricing only on request.


  • Document automation
  • Extensive guides and resources for beginners
  • Covers multiple legal domains
  • Instant access to specialists 


  • Limited features 

Surely, you want to improve your law team’s productivity. But how do you do that? Add a tool like BusyLamp to your business to streamline workflows, minimize obstacles and simplify day-to-day business activities. 

BusyLamp is one of the few tools that look after both accounts and case management of your firm. Trusted by leading companies Daimler, Bosch, and The New York Times, BusyLamp is a reputed legal software company with decades of experience.


Best Features

Here is what we love about BusyLamp:

  • Invoice Review: Automatically get each invoice reviewed to ensure compliance with your company’s billing guidelines and fee structure.
  • Automated Billing: Take care of your client bills and outside vendor costs all from one place. BusyLamp will allow you to generate bills automatically and check your expenses in one unified dashboard. 
  • Enterprise-grade Security: No matter what plan you are on, BusyLamp will provide you with enterprise-grade security. This way, you will negate the possibility of any unauthorized access or intruders compromising your client’s data.
  • Better Visibility: With BusyLamp, you will have a transparent view of your entire legal workflow across multiple departments from a centralized dashboard.


BusyLamp believes in understanding individual needs before quoting a price. Reach out to its sales team for a custom quote.


  • Faster billing 
  • Better data security 
  • Automated invoice review
  • Better control over your legal workload


  • Only available in a web version

Lawsyst prides itself on being one of the finest legal practice management software in the UK. It recognizes itself as the only ERP tool for the legal industry. It caters to almost every legal domain and branch. Moreover, you can easily customize it as per your needs in case you have a requirement outside its area of expertise. Simply put, the extent of flexibility offered by Lawsyst is simply unmatchable.

You can schedule a demo with the team to know more about the tool or get on a quick discovery call to learn about its pricing. Either way, getting started with Lawsyst is extremely straightforward.


Best Features

Here is what we love about Lawsyst:

  • Call Logging: Keep track of every call between your organization and clients. Lawsyst will record a call’s time and the case it pertains to.
  • Multiple Fee Structure: Lawsyst supports multiple fee structures, meaning you will be able to create invoices for all your clients seamlessly, irrespective of whether you work on fixed-price contracts or on an hourly basis. 
  • Time Tracking: It’s impossible to make an invoice for a client without knowing the exact amount of time you spent working for them. Lawsyst simplifies time tracking and, ultimately, the billing process. 
  • Task Management: All the files and tasks you need to create for a given case are stored within the same interface. You can also keep all information related to compliance checks in the same folder to streamline case management.


Lawsyst’s plans start from £39.99. The various plans offered by Lawsyst are categorized as:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Note that you will have to schedule a call with the Lawsyst team to know more about the above pricing plans, including the features they include or do not include.


  • Data security
  • Superior task management 
  • Impeccable call logging
  • Product demo & discovery call for each new user 


  • Slightly complicated for beginners

Some legal management tools look after the business and managerial side of the firm, whereas some look after the legal aspect. But there are only a few tools — like Quill — that take care of both. With a futuristic approach to supercharge your legal business, Quill is the number one choice of successful law firms all over the UK.

The tool thrives on the concept of outsourcing. It guides you to do what you excel in while helping you outsource the remaining mundane tasks to Quill’s experts. 


Best Features

Here is what we love about Quill:

  • Cashiering: Need a cashier to keep your accounts up-to-date 365 days of the year without a break? Try Quill, your go-to cashiering service with 100% accurate accountancy.
  • Payroll: Why waste your time setting up a whole new department to manage employee payroll when you can have Quill take care of your employees’ salaries.
  • Transcription & Typing: Transcription will always remain an essential part of your legal responsibility. Instead of burdening your employees with a mundane task like transcription, let Quill take care of all your typing and transcription needs, and that too, in a much quicker manner.
  • Digital Post Room: Why clutter your office with a traditional post room when you can use Quill’s digital post room and virtual printer to manage your inbound and outbound posts!


The Quill team reveals its pricing to only interested users on request.


  • Payroll management 
  • Round-the-clock cashiering service
  • Transcription & typing service
  • Digital post room with remote access


  • The interface and workflow are quite rigid

Legis Solutions’s primary aim is to simplify case and client management for your law firm. The tool works for an array of legal branches, including employment, data protection, immigration, general practice, personal injury, licensing, etc. It has been designed in a way that caters to the requirements of every law firm, regardless of its size.

The software is run by a fantastic team that is responsive and reachable on email as well as phone. What’s more, Legis Solutions also has an array of existing and old users to vouch for its excellent service.


Best Features

Here is what we love about Legis Solutions:

  • Reporting: The tool is best known for creating instant standard reports on any data stored anywhere on your account. The same reports can also be distributed to concerned contacts with a click.
  • SMS: You can integrate regular SMSs and text on your Legis Solutions account to generate and send messages from the account itself. Remind clients about court dates and simplify communication with Legis Solutions’s text messaging feature.
  • Electronic Signing: Legis Solutions integrates with both Adobe Sign and Omni Sign to help your clients sign documents virtually. 
  • Time Tracking: If you are charging on an hourly basis, as do most law firms, you will be glad to know that Legis Solutions gives you the flexibility to track time for each case either manually or automatically.


Legis Solutions does not reveal its pricing online. Get in touch with its support team for a custom quote.


  • Phone support
  • Facilitates faster communication
  • Enables remote operation with e-signatures
  • Robust reporting with instant distribution


  • Customer support is limited to working hours 

Legal software includes dedicated tools that are explicitly designed to streamline legal processes. The function of a legal software is to simplify the operation of law practitioners, helping them organize their daily operations.

Currently, there are multiple types of legal tools on the market, including those that deal specifically with parking tickets, divorce, or bankruptcy. The right software for lawyers will help you operate more efficiently. Besides, it will provide you with the necessary compliance infrastructure, enabling you to analyze data to generate fresh trends.

The best legal software help connect law firm practitioners with their colleagues, HR, and even the sales department. With one of these powerful tools in place, you can develop a more team-oriented approach to accomplish your goals and reduce risk.

At the same time, these tools allow you to make eSignatures too, not to mention that you can also benefit from the AI that some of these software tag along for various legal processes.

Here are nine reasons you must immediately subscribe to a legal software:

1. Better Collaboration Among Teams

Legal organizations often need to coordinate with multiple teams while organizing meetings. When scheduling these meetings, it’s paramount to check the availability of different members. Doing so manually can be confusing and frustrating. With sophisticated tools, you can get access to everyone’s calendar. Once you check the availability of the necessary members on their respective digital calendars, you can schedule the meeting accordingly. This mitigates any chances of the non-availability of some members.

In just a few clicks, the software will come up with a viable time to conduct the meeting. As soon as the meeting date and time are finalized, that particular time slot will get blocked on the calendars of the concerned professionals. Besides, you can integrate your legal case management software with Outlook or other tools as well.

What’s more, it’s also pretty straightforward to change the date of the meeting and inform the associated members. A legal software will also ensure that you don’t waste time via accidental double-scheduling. Lastly, your team members will receive automated reminders so that they do not miss the meeting.

As a legal professional, you might already know how crucial deadlines are. Missing out on any of the deadlines might have an undesirable impact on the outcome of a legal proceeding. By deploying a robust legal case management software, you can effectively manage your deadlines.

The management software will inform the practitioners about the upcoming crucial dates. Based on your case workflow, the tool adds these dates in a chronological manner, so rest assured that there wouldn’t be any surprises in the form of sudden deadlines surfacing.

Moreover, a competent legal software streamlines the process of storing your clients’ documents and retrieving the same. So, a single platform holds all the client data that you can use for internal purposes or share with your clients. And perhaps the best part: you will enjoy access to this data regardless of your location.

3. Secure Your Organization Against Data Loss

Your law firm might land up in a disaster if you happen to lose critical data, which is why you need to secure your confidential information. Therefore, it is imperative to do away with your dependence on paper documents. A smart legal software comes with a centralized data management mechanism that helps retrieve the backed-up data.

Deploying a legal tool will make it easy to preserve your data without the risk of misplacing or losing the documents. Moreover, storing data digitally ensures better remote access; you and your team members can access and retrieve documents even on your mobile phones through mobile apps.

4. Easier Conflict Resolution

Whether there’s a conflict in data in the billing department or the management, a modern legal software will help you resolve it faster. Using its smart features, the software will flag data that might be wrongly entered. All the information of your clients will be stored in these powerful tools, enabling you to find a mismatch quickly.

5. Seamless Expense Management

Manually calculating your expenses can turn out to be a painstaking ordeal. Besides, you need to be accurate when dealing with your finances. 

The advancement of technology has provided lawyers with opportunities to create reports quickly. With automated systems, you can track your expenses and manage the same in a matter of seconds. This way, you will have a proper insight into your firm’s total expenses and develop necessary liability schedules.

Legal software also make it easy to update your documents and edit them if you need. They come with customizable features that help you prepare for your cases in the best possible manner by defining the permissions and roles of your team members. With all these features available in a single software, you can spearhead your operations better than ever.

6. Case Tracking Becomes Easy

Before the best legal task management tools made their way into the market, tracking cases used to be extremely difficult for law firms. The productivity and growth of your law firm largely depend on how powerful and accurate your analysis is. Accordingly, you can weigh your decision-making abilities. 

Using advanced legal software, you can easily keep track of the documents of each case that drive important action. Intelligent legal systems assist lawyers in making timely and sound decisions and spotting unapparent mistakes, increasing their overall productivity and efficiency.

7. Track Your Billable Hours

Legal professionals know that tracking their billable hours is a non-negotiable. And surely, you would be dedicating all your time to the cases at hand and their core tasks, meaning tracking your time can turn out to be an uphill task. This is where a legal software comes into the picture; it will track every minute you spend on a particular case to the T, ensuring that you get compensated for your hard work. 

For a large law firm, it’s important not to lose account of their productive hours. Therefore, they resort to using one of the top legal software to ensure the accuracy of their billed hours. Moreover, you can also integrate your chosen legal software with your accounting software, ensuring that your billable hours go directly to the professionals in charge of taking care of your firm’s finances.

8. Easier Staff Onboarding

Legal firms often find it challenging to onboard new staff. Using a legal software, you can streamline the training process of new recruits. It will make your in-house staff’s lives easier, not to mention that the new practitioners will also find it incredibly straightforward to master the relevant skills.

Note that legal software can also automate workflow, enabling law firms to build their respective processes into the program. As a result, you will be able to ensure compliance for all the staff while spending minimum time and money on training.

9. Operate Remotely

Say you wish to operate or collaborate with your team members remotely. In that case, a feature-packed legal software with a mobile app will come in handy. These cloud-based tools foster better cooperation and collaboration with your staff as well as clients. 

Most importantly, the database of your firm remains accessible from any location. You can get access to this data remotely from computers as well as mobile handsets. All you or your coworkers will need is a device with an internet connection to obtain the necessary information.

After scouring the market for the best legal software and discussing ten competent candidates in detail, we conclude that Clio is the best legal software in the UK for 2022. There are little to no tools that offer a range of services as rich as Clio. It offers cloud storage, meaning you will be able to access any document or data from anywhere and at any time. Other features include limitless integration options, automated reminders for important events, a dedicated client portal, and, last but not least, flexible and affordable pricing.


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