Business is all about people. With the best UK HR software, you’ll have what you need to keep your employees efficient, productive, and happy — and in turn, keep your customers happy. From human resources to payroll and talent management, the best HR software UK solutions have what you need to ensure smooth operations.

Finding the best HR software in the UK is by no means an easy task — thankfully, we’ve done the legwork by evaluating the market’s leading options to bring you 12 of the very best UK HR tools. Our research found Bamboo HR to be the best of the bunch but read on to learn more about these leading HR solutions to find one best suited to your business.

Our Pick for the Best HR Software UK in 2024: BambooHR

Bamboo HR is easily the best HR software in the UK. It can be used by an HR department or team of any size to optimize their organization’s hiring process, manage compensation, manage and analyze employee data, and improve company culture.

Here are the standout features of BambooHR:

  • BambooHR’s time-tracking functionality keeps track of your employees’ clock-ins and generates accurate automated timesheets.
  • Its mobile application has geolocation functionality, allowing your employees’ phones to double up as a time clock and a timesheet.
  • You can set up alerts for any reminder, such as employee anniversaries, benefit renewals, and performance assessments.
  • BambooHR allows electronic signatures, which saves your HR department time and money by eliminating the need for paper forms.
  • Lastly, it provides an add-on payroll module that includes employee access to their paycheck information, full-service tax filing, etc.

The Best HR Software UK 2024: Top 12 Shortlist

Here’s a quick glimpse into our top 12 picks for the best HR Software UK in 2024:

  1. BambooHR — Overall, the Best HR Software UK. Try the Demo and 7-Day Free Trial Now.
  2. Rippling HR — Best HR Solution for Managing a Global Workforce | Starts as Low as £7 a Month.
  3. Deel — The Best Free Solution for Remote, Global Teams Looking for an All-in-One Tool.
  4. Factorial — Highly-Rated, Affordable HR Solution for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses.
  5. Breathe — Leading HR Software for Low-cost HR Solutions. Test the 14-Day Free Trial Before Committing.
  6. Gusto — Best Cloud HR Software for Large Businesses. Check Out the Demo to See How it Works.
  7. CitrusHR — Popular HR Software for Appraisal Management + Offers a 14-Day Free Trial and Demo.
  8. PeopleHR — Best HR Software for Mobile App Support + Also Has a 14-Day Free Trial You Can Check Out.
  9. SageHR — Best HR Management Software for Payroll. Offers a Whopping 30-Day Free Trial!
  10. BrightHR — Best Comprehensive HR Management Solution with Advanced Features.
  11. CharlieHR — Affordable HR Software for Human Capital Management + Has a 14-Day Free Trial.
  12. KiwiHR — Best HR Software for Employee Onboarding and Applicant Tracking. Try the 2-Week Trial Before Committing.

Best HR Software UK for 2024: Compared

This is where we dive deep into the features, pricing, advantages, and limitations of our top 12 picks for the best HR Software UK.

1. Bamboo HR — Overall, the Best HR Software UK

BambooHR is an excellent recruiting tool for small to medium-sized businesses that want to establish and maintain a strong corporate culture.

It provides various reporting and analytics options, including employee turnover, hiring planning, PTO usage, EEO reports, etc. BambooHR’s data and analytics tools don’t cut corners when it comes to organizing both basic and sensitive employee data.

Moreover, its reports are simple to read and arrange, allowing anybody to study them and generate valuable insights for making sound decisions. BambooHR will help you bid farewell to scattered paperwork and half-filled spreadsheets. 

Best For: Automating employee onboarding and offboarding activities and curating job postings.


Best Features

Here’s what we love about BambooHR:

  • Applicant Tracking System  BambooHR has a dedicated mobile app called Bamboo Hiring that lets you quickly analyze applications, coordinate with hiring teammates, and easily connect with applicants to speed up the overall process.
  • Employee Onboarding and Offboarding  Using BambooHR’s settings to automate employee onboarding and offboarding will allow you to quickly exchange necessary papers and communicate assignments to new and leaving employees.
  • Time Tracking  Small businesses with hourly employees will benefit from BambooHR’s time-tracking services. Staff can clock in and out as needed and request time off. You can use the time tracking feature to arrange paid time off (PTO), track hours worked, and approve time-off requests.
  • Centralized Employee Database  BambooHR makes it easier to track all your employees’ information, including sensitive information. Its unified database allows you to track both basic and more granular data in one location, eliminating the need for separate files and spreadsheets.


Although BambooHR doesn’t reveal its pricing online, it provides a free trial, allowing you to zero in on a version that works best for you. Here are BambooHR’s pricing plans:

  • EssentialThe Essential package includes basic HR functions such as personnel data and benefits tracking and employee self-service features like time-off management and a business calendar.
  • Advantage  This package includes advanced features such as superior reporting and company branding and hiring services like onboarding and training monitoring.


  • Payroll data collection and tracking
  • Intuitive interface
  • Excellent customer support
  • Mobile hiring app
  • Performance management tools


  • BambooHR doesn’t include an expense management feature

2. Rippling HR — Best HR Solution for Managing a Global Workforce

Rippling HR boasts ample stellar customer reviews, and it’s easy to see why. The platform allows businesses to seamlessly hire, pay, and manage their workforce from one location.

Unlike most HR solutions, Rippling is a go-to solution for businesses with employees around the globe as it les you pay in their currency, automatically deals with the different tax and compliance work for you, and more to make managing your employees a breeze.

With this tool, you can easily manage payroll, employee benefits, leave, overtime, tax, and more from one centralized location — all company-related information under one roof for easy management and reporting.

Best For: Rippling HR is undoubtedly the tool to use if you’re managing a global workforce.

Rippling HR | Best UK HR software

Best Features

Here’s what we love about Rippling HR:

  • No-Code Automation — Create custom, powerful IF/THEN automation rules to trigger actions across your internal and external apps to automate tasks like updates, onboarding emails, Slack alerts, meeting invites, assigning tasks, and more
  • Templates — Save time and get started in seconds using one of the hundreds of ready-made workflow, reporting, and formula field templates
  • Global Workforce Management — Onboard in seconds, pay employees in their local currency (plus automatically file global taxes), automate global compliance work, and more
  • HR — Sync all your HR data with payroll to automatically calculate hours, time off, deductions, etc.


Rippling starts at just £7/user/month. However, as it’s free, we’d recommend getting a free quote for the best price based on your business’ needs.


  • Boasts stellar reviews
  • Centralized and easy to use
  • Easy to onboard and offboard employees
  • Simplifies ample workforce management tasks
  • Phenomenal for managing a global workforce


  • Slight learning curve for some

3. Deel — The Best Free Solution for Remote, Global Teams

Deel is a go-to solution, not just because it’s free if you have less than 200 employees, but it boasts everything you’d need as an all-in-one HR solution, and it’s scalable, making it a top choice for businesses of all sizes.

That said, Deel’s popularity is largely due to how it simplifies managing a global workforce, not just in terms of payroll but in compliance, hiring, and loads more. Plus, it offers over 15 payment options and 7 withdrawal options — including cryptocurrency. And it doesn’t end there.

Overall, this tool does a fantastic job of simplifying HR tasks — all the way from hiring to offboarding and everything in between to reduce the risk of human error, increase productivity, and makes managing a remote, global team a breeze.

Best For: Streamlining HR tasks and managing a global workforce.

Deel | Top UK HR solution

Best Features

Here’s what we love about Deel:

  • Document Management — You’ll be able to easily request, add, and store all your employee and company documents securely in one place, both for organization and compliance purposes.
  • Contracts — Easily create, amend when necessary, and sign contracts on the fly — all online and within minutes — and, most importantly, ensure compliance, regardless of where the employee is.
  • Hiring — Deel boasts numerous tools to help businesses hire, run background checks, and onboard and off-board employees to ensure a streamlined, hiccup-free experience for both parties.
  • Payroll — Automate your payroll, ensure compliance, simplify tax for your global team, and offer localized benefits and numerous withdrawal options to ensure a seamless month-end cycle.


Here are the plans on offer with Deel:

  • Free — Includes onboarding and off-boarding, payroll, benefits management, time off, expenses, bonuses, plus documents and payslips.
  • Contractors — Starts at $49 and adds localized agreements, compliance document storing, automated invoicing, 5+ payment options in 150+ countries, and more.
  • EOR Employees — Pricing starts at $599, and besides having Deel handle the hiring for you, you’ll have payroll handling all taxes and deductions and advanced IP protection.


  • The interface is easy to navigate
  • Offers multiple payment and withdrawal options
  • Offers a streamlined global payroll and HR solution
  • Has a free version for small businesses


  • Lacks a mobile app
  • Can be laggy at times

4. Factorial —  Highly-Rated, Affordable HR Solution for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Over 7,000 businesses use Factorial as it’s a phenomenal solution for small and mid-sized companies looking to streamline the entire employee life cycle. You can easily pick a plan that truly suits your needs and spend far less by paying only for the tools you’ll actually use.

Beyond this, Factorial boasts everything you’d expect from a leading UK HR software provider to ensure that you spend less time back and forth on emails, keep everyone on the same page, ensure timely payments, stay compliant throughout and make informed decisions.

From automating your payroll and taxes to simplifying requests for e-signatures on important documents like contracts — Factorial lets you do it all under one roof; plus, it offers integrations with tools like Sage and Google Workspace to help you further automate and streamline your administrative tasks.

Best For: Small and mid-sized businesses looking to pay only for the features they need.

FactorialHR for UK businesses


Best Features:

Here’s what we love about Factorial:

  • Time Tracking — Easily track the time spent on tasks and projects for easy employee reporting. Plus, you can have them clock in and out from the mobile app and get location tags for each one.
  • Employee Portal — Let your employees communicate, store, and update their documents, manage their contracts, and more, safely and compliantly within Factorial.
  • Time Off — See and approve everyone’s time off, sick leave, and shifts at a glance to ensure you never run into any issues with resources.
  • Reporting — Get a clear overview of things like your expenses and your team’s time off and create custom reports to make informed decisions based on real-time data.


Factorial offers ample plans to suit almost every need and budget. With 4 hubs, you can choose the one that boasts the features you need or opt for the complete bundle for all the features.

  • Operations Hub — Starts at £3.28/seat and includes time tracking, absenteeism management, payroll, contracts, and task management
  • Finance Hub — Starts at £2.60/seat for expense tracking, multi-step approvals, legal entities, and more
  • People Hub — Starts at £3.60/seat, and it includes unlimited surveys, a complaint channel, company anniversaries, and other such features
  • Complete Hub — Includes a mixture of all of the above and so much more, starting at just £5.44/seat.


  • Automate payroll and taxes
  • It’s easy to implement and use
  • Upholds a good reputation on sites like Capterra
  • Offers an affordable all-in-one HR solution
  • Offers paperless management for shifts, leave, etc.
  • Streamlines administrative tasks


  • The mobile app can be buggy
  • Some complaints of slow support

5. Breathe — Leading HR Software For Low-cost HR Solutions

Breathe is a multi-award-winning, simple, and secure people software that assists UK and Australian SMEs in moving their core people processes online, saving time, providing peace of mind, and helping businesses to operate from anywhere. 

Breathe HR assists business owners in reducing HR administration time and eliminating paper records and spreadsheets.

More than 10,000 UK-based businesses and organizations use Breathe to manage over 370,000 individuals, not to mention that a network of over 600 partners has also endorsed and promoted Breathe. 

Best For: Breathe HR software is ideal for managing and improving skill sets and the necessary talent acquisition processes.


Best Features

Here’s what we love about Breathe:

  • HR Document Management System — Breathe provides an easy-to-use platform for all your teams and unlimited storage space. Upload documents to the dashboard for your employees to view, sign, and return.
  • Employee Performance Management — Breathe’s Performance Management dashboard will help you identify and reward your team members’ efforts. The dashboard allows you to track progress against defined goals, calculate due dates, and schedule one-on-one meetings with employees.
  • Expenditure Management — Breathe’s expense management software gives you complete control over your spending. You can enter, submit receipts and claims, and approve them all on one dashboard. Simplify the cost process and keep track of previous and future expenses in a database to get data quickly when you need it.
  • Holiday Planner & Booking System for Employees — With Breathe’s Holiday Staff Planner, you can ensure that leave and vacations are planned and organized to meet the needs of your employees and your company.


Breathe offers a free trial and five pricing plans:

  • Micro — £12/month per business and is perfect for companies with 1-10 people.
  • Starter — £24/month per business and is perfect for companies with 11-20 people.
  • Regular — £61/month per business and is perfect for companies with 21-50 people.
  • Pro — £123/month per business and is perfect for companies with 51-100 people.
  • Premium — £251/month per business and is perfect for companies with 101-250 people.


  • Drives efficiency
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Secure cloud computing
  • Affordable 
  • Easy to set up


  • It may be challenging to navigate

6. Gusto — Best Cloud HR Software for Large Businesses

Gusto is a reliable payroll software that allows you to automate everything from basic to complicated payroll operations for both workers and contractors. It simplifies the process of onboarding new staff and helps you minimize manual errors. 

This cloud-based, all-in-one platform is designed for small enterprises and can be accessed via a web browser from nearly anywhere.

Gusto, formerly ZenPayroll, does not bind you to a contract, and it’s simple to switch plans if you require new features or want to opt out of those you aren’t using.

Best For: Gusto includes a lot of options that can help businesses process payroll for their employees quickly and accurately.


Best Features

Here’s what we love about Gusto:

  • Gusto Wallet — Gusto’s cooperation with Kansas-based NBKC Bank has brought us an Android and iOS app that provides cash management capabilities to employees. Employees can get their payments through the Wallet app and access it using a Gusto-branded debit card, which comes with benefits such as no overdraft or foreign transaction fees.
  • Payroll Tax Management — Gusto calculates, files, and pays all taxes (federal, state, and local) on your behalf, which is unlike most HR software that warrants you to tell them which local payroll taxes to pay. Gusto also guarantees to refund any penalty incurred due to its errors. 
  • Employee Benefits Enrollment — Gusto provides online employee benefits enrollment, licensed benefits advising, and employee assistance. 401(k) retirement savings programs, health benefits, 529 college savings plans, workers’ compensation insurance, commuter perks, FSAs, and HSAs are some other additional advantages.


Here are the pricing plans of Gusto:

  • Core — It costs £31/mo plus £4.77/mo per person and is ideal for smaller companies with straightforward salaries, wages, and payment schedules.
  • Complete — It costs £31/mo plus £9.54/mo per person and is ideal for companies with endless hiring, payroll, and team management needs.
  • Concierge — It costs £118.42/mo plus £9.54/mo per person and is ideal for companies with more complex HR, policy, and compliance requirements.
  • Select — This is a custom plan, meaning the price will be decided based on the needs of the concerned company. It is ideal for expanding businesses that require high-end tools and personalized assistance for a minimum of 25 employees.


  • Offers employee benefits
  • Contractor plan option without a monthly base fee
  • Ability to cancel plans at any time
  • Top-notch employee portal access
  • Third-party app integrations


  • No mobile payroll app

Citrus HR is a cloud-based human resource management system that makes managing your staff a breeze.

It allows you to manage your employee data more efficiently, enable your employees to be self-dependent and schedule vacations, modify personal information, submit timesheets, and view payslips. 

CitrusHR’s user interface is incredibly simple, encouraging users to concentrate only on the most important aspects of each screen. A central dashboard provides all the necessary information, not to mention that you can also open a particular section for a more detailed look. 

This software’s secure online HR platform protects your employees’ personal information, makes GDPR compliance more manageable, and streamlines time-consuming HR procedures like payroll/expenses, time management, and staff onboarding/development.

Best For: Small enterprises and growing firms with less than 400 employees who want to replace spreadsheets and filing cabinets with easy-to-use HR software.


Best Features

Here’s what we love about CitrusHR:

  • Alerts and Reminders — CitrusHR software provides alerts and reminders, allowing you to remain on top of everything in your company. You can receive notifications on your desktop and mobile phone about everything from staff birthdays to vacation requests and assessment meeting reminders.
  • Appraisals — CitrusHR software will help you streamline the appraisal process by allowing you to schedule meetings and provide questionnaires for employees to complete ahead of time. 
  • Payroll — With CitrusHR’s automated payroll calculations based on employee timesheets and pay rates, you can pay your employees the appropriate amount at the right time. You will also be able to manage your team’s expenditure requests, which are considered when calculating employee compensation.
  • Employee Data Protection — Safely store your most sensitive employee data (bank account numbers, home addresses) in CitrusHR’s database instead of a disorganized filing cabinet with a faulty lock.


Here are the pricing plans offered by CitrusHR:

  • HR Software-Only — It costs £2.50/employee per month and includes only HR software.
  • HR Support Service — It costs £7.50/employee per month and offers all the features of the HR software plus HR support service.


  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Excellent customer support
  • No setup fees
  • No long-term contracts


  • No applicant tracking

8. PeopleHR — Best HR Software for Mobile App Support

PeopleHR is a cost-effective web-based human resource management system for expanding small and medium-sized organizations. It’ll permit you to quickly add additional modules as your HR department’s needs change, making scaling a breeze. 

PeopleHR provides users with a comprehensive set of tools to assist critical HR processes. Its functionalities include applicant monitoring, vacation management, performance management, and payment information.

What’s more, customer service is quick to respond, helpful, and open to suggestions.

Best For: PeopleHR is perfect for team-building and remote working.


Best Features

Here’s what we love about PeopleHR:

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) — PeopleHR is one of the few HRMS on the market with ATS capabilities, meaning it’ll save your firm the money you’d have otherwise spent on purchasing a separate specialized ATS to help attract and hire top personnel.
  • Reporting — PeopleHR tags along a library of pre-built reports that help you know which departments have the highest-earning employees, how much vacation time each department takes, and the hidden costs of items like desk space and staff time spent browsing the web.
  • Integrations — PeopleHR supports numerous integrations with software of all types that you may already be using in your company. Such integration potential will allow you to successfully handle all HR aspects of your firm via a single system.
  • Performance Management — PeopleHR’s Performance Management module will motivate your employees to achieve their own goals and advance their careers. This module will assist you in delivering employee performance reviews that are tailored to your employees and team’s specific needs.


PeopleHR offers a free trial and three paid pricing plans:

  • Professional — It costs £5/employee per month and includes everything you will need to manage and engage employees both in the office and remotely.
  • Enterprise — It costs £7/employee per month and is ideal for growing companies that wish to manage their recruitment and talent effectively.
  • Elite — It costs £9/employee per month and is perfect for companies who want to take their specialized automation to the next level to boost their strategic impact.


  • Value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Centralized monitoring
  • Offers a free trial
  • Unlimited document storage


  • Outdated user interface

9. SageHR — Best HR Management Software For Payroll

Sage HR is a cloud-based HR system that offers 360-degree feedback, workforce management, performance appraisal, and attendance tracking. The Sage HR planning system enables time-off policies and blackout days.

It’s also simple to use and automates many aspects of the human resource process. Sage HR is aimed at small-to-medium-sized organizations that want to automate their HR processes while also engaging their employees.

It can manage up to 5,000 employees, with the minimum being 200. Lastly, the Sage Business Cloud People comes with a complete self-service site.

Best For: SageHR is ideal for distributed teams working from several locations. Thanks to its Android and iOS apps, employees on the move can update and review their information as they please.


Best Features 

Here’s what we love about SageHR:

  • Time Tracking — Sage HR’s time-tracking solutions are a must-have for firms with hourly staff. Employees can not only clock in and out but also request time off. Managers can set policies for paid time off (PTO), approve timesheets, track hours, and approve time-off requests.
  • Workflow Automation — Sage HR’s “Recipes” function will help you automate your workflow. Workflow automation involves creating and then following a set of rules to automate your company’s repetitive processes. Reminding your staff about monthly events or notifying your HR department of employee name changes are just a few examples of what human resources software like Sage can do. 
  • Cost Management — With Sage HR’s user-friendly expense management features, you can track your employees’ expenses. This simplifies the process of recording, approving, and reimbursing fees for your staff.
  • Analytics and Reporting — Sage HR’s analytics and reporting functions track various top-level company statistics. You get access to your company’s performance reports, employee data, onboarding, timesheets, and expenses. 


Sage HR uses a per-employee/per-month pricing model, allowing businesses to pay for what they’ll be using; nothing more, nothing less. Moreover, users can quit at any time without worrying about any hidden fees.

Since SageHR doesn’t reveal its pricing online, you’ll have to contact its sales team for a custom quote.


  • Easy to use
  • Modular functionality
  • Automates the end-to-end HR process
  • A mobile app for both iOS & Android devices
  • Integrates with Google Apps and Slack


  • Doesn’t offer payroll management

10. BrightHR — Best Comprehensive HR Management Solution

BrightHR comes with a plethora of advanced HR management tools, is reasonably priced, and provides outstanding customer support. Using it, you can manage your staff vacations, sickness, TOIL, and lateness. 

BrightHR’s highlights are Blip, a clocking system that lets users know who’s in the office and who’s on a break, and PoP, an expense tracker software that allows you to manage and approve staff spending on the go. 

Furthermore, BrightHR also provides services to help organizations with their recruitment, personnel health, law, safety, employee well-being, etc.

Best For: BrightHR is an excellent choice for companies looking for top-of-the-line and comprehensive HR software.


Best Features

Here’s what we love about BrightHR:

  • Overtime: — Say a worker of yours works overtime. In that case, you can use BrightHR to cross-reference their records to pay the correct amount of wages. You can also use BrightHR to assign certain hours for specific activities, schedule lunch break reminders, and generate shift reports based on the employee’s data.
  • Shift Management — Employers using BrightHR’s electronic timekeeping will be able to manage their employees’ shifts better, painting them a more accurate picture of their activities. Also, employees can use Blip by BrightHR to clock in and out of shifts, ensuring accurate payroll records.
  • Project Management — BrightHR will help you distribute revised rosters to your employees. Your staff may then issue a prompt reply and inform you if they are available for that shift, allowing you to address absenteeism swiftly and save time.
  • Record Keeping — Another fantastic feature of BrightHR is PoP, which your employees can use to create expenses and upload receipts. The software allows you to examine and approve employee spending, create and change expense categories, and export data. 


BrightHR does not reveal the exact pricing of its plans on its website. That said, it does provide the details and features that each plan tags along:

  • Connect — This includes all HR software functionalities, the Back to Work navigator tool, the Vaccine tracker, Blip, PoP, and the Expense tracker app.
  • Protect — The Project plan includes 24×7 confidential legal and HR advice from BrightHR’s employment law experts.
  • Prime — The Prime plan includes BrightSafe, a health and safety software, and BrightWellbeing, an employee assistance program.


  • Self-service portal
  • Time and attendance management
  • Payroll management
  • Clear, competitive prices
  • Excellent selection of advanced features


  • Challenging to navigate

11. CharlieHR — Affordable HR Software For Human Capital Management

CharlieHR is an HR management and automation software that allows users to get immediate access to critical data. It enables managers to create and send frequent employee engagement surveys and provide analytics based on the results.

It streamlines many administrative hassles that a fast-growing firm may face, the least of which is onboarding new staff and tracking time off and sick days. This permits businesses to simplify and manage their operations more effectively. 

CharlieHR also comes in a responsive mobile application wherein you can conduct performance reviews and produce all the critical HR reports you need.

Best For: CharlieHR is perfect for digitizing your operations and centralizing your data.


Best Features 

Here’s what we love about CharlieHR:

  • Organize Time-off Requests — Team members can request time off using a secure login. Employees can also put in standard work-from-home requests with valid justifications.
  • Employee Management — Managing employee records with CharlieHR is straightforward. Moreover, it allows you to access each employee’s records individually and provide timely performance evaluations to increase staff morale.
  • Managing Firm Structure — CharlieHR makes managing teams to improve workflow management a breeze. It also helps maintain a secure archive of critical company data.
  • Effective Reporting — The software will fetch you annual reports on each employee’s performance, leaves, and other information, in addition to a comprehensive payroll report.


Here are the plans offered by Charlie HR:

  • Light — It costs £4 per month per employee and is ideal for businesses of any size.
  • Junior — It costs £179 per month plus £4 per user and is ideal for small businesses with more than ten employees.
  • Standard — This plan costs £299 per month plus £4 per user and is ideal for medium-sized teams with 10-100 people.
  • Large — The Large plan costs £599 per month plus £4 per user and is ideal for extensive teams with 100+ people.


  • Easy to set up
  • Self-service portal
  • Mobile app to work on the go
  • Live customer support
  • Offers a free trial


  • No scheduling tools

12. KiwiHR — Best HR Software For Employee Onboarding and Applicant Tracking

KiwiHR is a cloud-based employee scheduling software perfect for small and medium-sized organizations looking for an effective way to manage employee information and time off. 

KiwiHR has been designed to be as simple and user-friendly as possible. Its app works with iCal, Microsoft Outlook, and Google Calendar, and you can use it on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

Since 2008, KiwiHR has provided human resources solutions to HR departments in over 23 countries and across various industries, including professional recruiting, hospitality, architecture, media production, and software development.

Best For: KiwiHR will be a perfect solution for you if you want to keep track of your HR activity and improve your people management.


Best Features

Here’s what we love about KiwiHR:

  • Onboarding — This feature assists you in guiding new employees through the onboarding process. It features individualized onboarding programs, to-do lists, and contact directories to keep new hires active. A positive onboarding experience helps new hires feel comfortable in the workplace, significantly enhancing employee retention.
  • Time and Attendance Software — KiwiHR merges your time and attendance tracking systems into a single dashboard. Single-click validation saves time on various requests and approvals, such as vacation or unpaid time off, and flexible time tracking allows you to customize the system to fit your needs.
  • HR Reports — KiwiHR analyzes various variables to provide HR reports that increase your department’s overall efficiency. Insightful, accurate data boosts your power to make data-driven actions.
  • Hiring and Recruitment Software — KiwiHR’s recruiting module will allow you to organize and manage applicants and create a branded job site on your website (without scripting), enabling you to direct your resources and time to highly qualified prospects.


Besides a 14-day free trial and a product demonstration, KiwiHR offers two pricing plans:

  • Starter — It costs €3.50/month per user and is perfect for teams looking to digitize basic HR processes.
  • Plus — It costs €6/month per user and is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.


  • No set-up costs
  • Responsive customer service
  • GDPR certifications
  • Smart company calendar
  • Easy configuration and intuitive software for SMEs


  • It lacks some essential features when compared to its peers

What is HR software?

HR tools or software are specialized solutions capable of optimizing day-to-day human resource operations. With these feature-packed tools, businesses across different industry verticals can manage their workforce more efficiently.

This software empowers HR managers to allocate available resources and time to productive areas to maximize their profits

HR software streamlines the organization’s operations, automating tasks that HR staff had to earlier carry out manually. Besides, they also make it easy to develop data-backed reports, reducing the dependency on paper documents.

What’s more, comprehensive HR software help employers update directories, track employee time, and manage employee performance.

With top-of-the-line HR software, the HR department of your organization will be able to keep themselves updated with your team’s progress and allocate tasks much more effectively. 

Besides this, it’ll also allow them to be more competent in their budgeting and planning, allowing them to make more accurate decisions.

What Are The Advantages Of Using HR Software In The UK?

Here are ten benefits of incorporating HR software in your business that will vanquish any skepticism you might have been carrying as far as using such software is concerned: 

1. Efficient Administration And Paperwork

The HR department of your organization aims at decluttering operations by streamlining administrative tasks.

Given that administration turns out to be a highly time-intensive pursuit, it makes sense to integrate HR software into your operational mechanism.

This way, you can get real-time details on the benefits, salaries, sick days, holidays, training courses, and incentives of your employees, all in a single platform. 

Most importantly, it’ll reduce your dependence on paperwork. With HR software in place, you won’t have overloaded cabinets with tons of papers. Digital documentation would become easy.

Lastly, your HR managers will also appreciate the easy-to-use interfaces that HR management solutions tag along.

2. Employee Engagement And Feedback

Regardless of the size of your organization, engaging your employees goes a long way in leveraging your organization’s productivity. HR professionals acknowledge the importance of engaging their staff to ensure they remain happy and productive.

At the same time, keeping the employees within the communication loop amps up the retention rates. A robust HR software will help you in all these areas.

Besides, with powerful HR software, you can collect your employees’ feedback. Depending on the available information, you can develop polls and surveys. This helps foster a better work environment where you can keep your workforce satisfied. 

As a part of the feedback-receiving mechanism, HR tools also inform managers about employee grievances, allowing you to shape your organization’s culture in the best possible manner.

Moreover, these tools also enable senior managers to provide adequate support to the employees who need them on a timely basis.

3. Monitoring Attendance

Having a robust mechanism to address issues like timecard fraud is necessary for any organization. Powerful HR software comes with innovative systems that prevent buddy punching.

So, you get the correct man-hours from each employee updated on your system. This ensures that you can refrain from paying dishonest employees while rewarding those who worked overtime.

Moreover, you can integrate HR software with your existing biometric systems to configure a holistic mechanism for attendance management. These sophisticated technologies greatly simplify your HR department’s operations and administrative tasks.

4. Security of Data

HR management software helps managers and business owners communicate with their internal teams and secure their data. You can establish your own set of policies to ensure data privacy.

Based on your recommended parameters, the software will monitor your data. This way, you can mitigate potential risks of data theft, like phishing.

You can also use HR software to provide role-based authentication or access to selective staff. This will allow you to defend against unauthorized access to your employees’ data. Plus, you won’t have to be concerned with issues like credentials stealing.

5. Deploy Metrics

When you prioritize goals like HR cost management, it makes sense to use HR software to evaluate information based on metrics.

Sophisticated HR tools come with intelligent AI-backed algorithms that will churn out detailed reports, fetching you valuable insights into the areas you can improve.

This way, you will be able to put in motion better HR practices that bring about an increase in employee engagement.

Currently, HR teams across industries are banking on analytics and intelligent systems for turnover prediction. With easy data access, they can accurately view how close they are to their respective business targets.

For instance, if your organization strives to curtail recruiting costs, you can track relevant metrics, including the time and effort you spend hiring a single employee. A quantitative account of these details will help your organization make sound decisions.

6. Conflict Resolution And Dispute Handling

As a business manager or HR head, you must strive to retain harmony in your operational environment. This underlines the importance of resolving conflicts before they start taking a toll on your productivity.

With customized HR tools, you can track brewing issues and complaints and eventually negate any chances of conflicts. Even if a conflict does arise, you can track and intervene at the right time to ensure a peaceful environment.

You will have proper documentation and evidence demonstrating the grievances of all the associated parties. Eventually, it would be easier for you to gain a transparent account of the crisis and deal with it strategically.

7. Informed Decision-Making

Now that you won’t waste your valuable time on administrative tasks, you can shift your attention to better payroll management and administer the personnel accurately.

Thanks to analytics and reports that HR software generates, you can enhance your employees’ overall experience. A data-oriented approach to decision-making makes the process much more organized and practical. 

8. Flawless Payroll Management

Managing your payroll based on the corresponding working hours of your employees can be an uphill task.

With manual systems, you might run into a communication gap between your HR and payroll departments.

When it comes to paying your employees, you cannot afford to commit an error since it won’t fare well with your employees and will also tarnish your company’s goodwill. 

This isn’t the case with HR software that integrates attendance and payroll management so that your employees are fairly compensated for the efforts they are putting in. 

And as far as taxation and obligations are concerned, HR software will help you stay abreast with the upcoming payment schedules. This will allow you to process timely payments to your employees and other departments.

9. Allocate Tasks To Optimize Resources

Resource optimization happens to be one of the most significant challenges for HR managers. With powerful HR software, you can digitize paper documents and get a transparent view of your resources from any location.

An HR tool gives you the most practical approach to managing your workforce

By tallying the task at hand and the available human resources, you can allocate the projects intelligibly to the respective departments. This way, you won’t overuse or under-use your organization’s manpower.

Most importantly, you can access the data from any location using your computer or the HR software’s mobile version. This way, you can stay updated with real-time data on your resource allocation.

10. Customized Solutions Available

Based on the nature of your business, you would need to customize features in your chosen HR tool. Established developers closely work with business owners and HR managers and customize many of their offerings.

With most of the reputed HR tools, you have provisions like customizing the rules for income tax declaration and leave and shift rules. So, when you choose paid HR software, you can create a list of features you need while opting out of the rest.

Conclusion: What’s the Best HR Software UK?

Here’s a quick recap of our top 12 HR UK software solutions:

  1. BambooHR — Overall, the Best HR Software UK. Try the Demo and 7-Day Free Trial Now.
  2. Rippling HR — Best HR Solution for Managing a Global Workforce | Starts as Low as £7 a Month.
  3. Deel — The Best Free Solution for Remote, Global Teams Looking for an All-in-One Tool.
  4. Factorial — Highly-Rated, Affordable HR Solution for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses.
  5. Breathe — Leading HR Software for Low-cost HR Solutions. Test the 14-Day Free Trial Before Committing.
  6. Gusto — Best Cloud HR Software for Large Businesses. Check Out the Demo to See How it Works.
  7. CitrusHR — Popular HR Software for Appraisal Management + Offers a 14-Day Free Trial and Demo.
  8. PeopleHR — Best HR Software for Mobile App Support + Also Has a 14-Day Free Trial You Can Check Out.
  9. SageHR — Best HR Management Software for Payroll. Offers a Whopping 30-Day Free Trial!
  10. BrightHR — Best Comprehensive HR Management Solution with Advanced Features.
  11. CharlieHR — Affordable HR Software for Human Capital Management + Has a 14-Day Free Trial.
  12. KiwiHR — Best HR Software for Employee Onboarding and Applicant Tracking. Try the 2-Week Trial Before Committing.

Having discussed the top HR software on the market right now, we crown BambooHR as the best HR software for UK-based businesses.

Not only does it provide a responsive mobile application to make HR management on the go a possibility, but it’s also extremely affordable, meaning businesses of all sizes can use it for their betterment.

Other features include automated employee onboarding and offboarding, an accurate time-tracking tool, and a centralized and cloud-based employee database.


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