Twitter Looking Into Expanding 140 Character Limit

Twitter Looking Into Expanding 140 Character Limit SusanGilbert.comIt’s been since the very beginning that articles and updates have been only allowed to be 140 characters on Twitter. But now the company is rethinking its original formula with a possible expansion on tweets.

How did the original character limitation actually start?

When Twitter began it was formulated for an SMS platform, which has a 160 character limit. This required a maximum of 140 characters for tweets. In June the company removed this limit from its direct messages, and now a new product would allow users much longer room for tweets according to Re/Code.

Traditionally users have been drawn to the simple “microblogging” feature, which is much different than sharing on places like Facebook and Google Plus. Status updates are quick and frequent with around 6,000 tweets coming through each second:


The new formula would allow for longer comments on tweets by not counting the links and user names in the character count. This could essentially provide more room for opinions and those long, catchy headlines you’ve always wanted to share. Currently this is being done with hashtags, emoticons, and images, which will still be an important part of sharing on Twitter.

Users have mixed views on the new proposed long-form content, especially those who have been accustomed to quick updates:


While some people might see this as more of a Facebook type of post others might enjoy the freedom of extra text, especially when formulating a retweet or sharing a blog post. Currently users can take advantage of commenting on retweets with comments like this example:

Twitter is still mulling over the update without a set date on when the roll out will begin. But the new move may help improve the number of new users in an effort to make tweets more appealing.

Would you like to see a larger character limit for your tweets?

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