Twitter is known for its simplicity, and one of the reasons Twitter is simple is because everyone gets a 160 character limit for their bio. Although a 160 character bio can be finished in a matter of minutes (or a minute), the art of perfecting the  bio is not as easy as it sounds. These are some of the ways that you can perfect your Twitter bio.

The first thing you have to do is tell your followers the essentials. When people decide whether or not to follow you, they want to know your expertise. Are you an expert at business or fitness? If you’re an expert on fitness, the business guru isn’t going to follow you unless the business guru is into fitness. If there are people looking to get in shape, they will follow you to get more tips and advice.

The next thing you have to do in your bio is say something meaningful, clever, or funny. Humor is a powerful tool in getting more followers. Who doesn’t want to hear a good joke? If you tweet humorous tweets, make your bio humorous. You can also be clever be doing something no one thought of, or you can say something meaningful such as a powerful message. When people look at your bio will already have an idea of what your tweets are about before they look through your timeline.

Another thing to do with your bio is to avoid using big sentences. If you use big sentences, that will take up a lot of characters. If you put in that big sentence, and you want to say something else in your bio as well, you might reach the 160 character limit. If you want to talk about your hobbies or accomplishments, make a list of them with commas. Using those commas will save characters and time. Make your sentences shorter so that you can give your followers more information about who you are.

What many people overlook when they finish their bio is proofreading it. Some of the things on your bio might be different from what they are now. I used to talk about sports, and now I talk about my business. When I started talking about business, I took a look at my bio and realized it needed to be changed. Your bio could be good now, but you should always see if you can add additional information or if some information is outdated.

That’s how you write a Twitter bio that will give people a reason to follow you. Your bio has the power to tell people why they should follow you in 160 characters or less.