Will Recent Twitter Timeline Changes Kill Your Marketing Results?

7 reasons why diversifying your social media efforts is becoming increasingly important

Every time a social media network updates their timeline algorithms, it sends marketers in a tizzy.

The same is true now for the recent update Twitter made in their timeline algorithm. Now instead of showing Tweets in order, they will be displayed according to relevancy.

But don’t let all the outrage and #RIPTwitter hashtags frighten you.

Even though Twitter has reordered their timelines, you can still switch it manually back to the old chronological timeline view in your settings. Simply go into your settings and find the checkbox that looks like this:

Twitter timeline settings

Ensure it is unchecked and your tweets will be back to chronological order.

Why to Diversify Your Social Media Efforts

The recent “Twitter-A-geddon” is one reason why it’s important not to put all your social media efforts into just one social media platform.

While you may be “winning the game” with tons of followers and all your best posts showing in follower’s timelines, it only takes one algorithm shift that can change everything.

We’ve seen It happen with Facebook and it could easily happen on any social media channel that business owners use to help promote their business.

How to Bullet Proof Your Social Media

So what is one to do? Diversify your efforts.

Here are 7 compelling reasons why you should be focusing on more than just one social media channel:

  1. Smart entrepreneurs, marketers and business owners are discovering that sharing unique content across several social media platforms can smooth out any sudden changes that Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others may make.
  2. Posting original articles, quotes, and graphics across various social media channels gives you multiple opportunities to share value with your fan base.
  3. It’s important to know that different fans “hang out” on their own favourite social networks too. So sharing your advice on multiple social platforms ensures no matter where your fans are online, you can share valuable information with them.Even if you only have time to share one post across multiple platforms, you can reword the post for each platform to make it more interesting and compelling for that particular audience.
  4. It gives you the opportunity to cross-pollinate and test markets to see which version of the post garners the most engagement. That allows you to “test market” for headlines, images, tone of message etc., which can be used later in promotional copy, landing pages, and ads.
  5. Posting on several social media networks allows you to maximize your lead-generation and traffic-driving efforts.
  6. Since you likely have different followers on each network, posting blog articles, offers, and calls to action on each social network allows you to double and even triple the outreach to potential prospects.
  7. Sharing unique content on your various networks let’s you nurture fans more quickly. Instead of getting just one marketing touch on Facebook, a raving fan can read your posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and get a mega dose of your expertise. It’s three times the fun!

Bottom line – limiting your business to using just one social media platform for your marketing platform is wasting an opportunity to reach more targeted leads.

If you find yourself in overwhelm trying to generate high-value content on a consistent basis for your business, we can help you get more followers and generate high-interest content to keep your fans engaged.