We have all seen that list of trends on Twitter that everyone seems to be talking about. People look at those trends to see the latest news, and many of them tweet about that trend just to have their tweet appear on the top of the ever growing list of tweets for a few seconds. Here are some reasons why you should ignore trends all together.

The first reason to ignore trends all together is because they are unproductive. You’ll scroll down looking at tweet after tweet. By looking at that many tweets, you will not be as productive. Then, a day will go by, and you will have to do two days worth of work.

The second reason to ignore trends is that most of them won’t be trending for long. Trends rarely stay on the list for more than a day. If you look at the trends today, see how many of them you will remember a week later. You’ll probably only be able to remember one of those trending topics, and you might remember another one if you’re lucky. Few people will be able to remember the trend a month later.

Even if you do remember what trended today an entire year later, many people aren’t going to remember. People will just be talking about what’s trending right now. You can’t create a business around something that is trending because it won’t trend for long. I understand that some topics remain popular for a long time such as 3-D printing, but a majority of trending topics won’t be trending for long.

Finally, if you don’t look at what’s trending, and if you don’t talk about it, you are making yourself unique. Since everyone else is talking about what’s trending, you can talk about fascinating news that isn’t trending. Maybe there was a scientific study done about how many hours of sleep we really need. Tweet about that instead of something that is trending.