One way to get more followers is to tweet as much as you can. This does not mean tweeting ten updates in one minute and then not tweeting for the rest of the day. Hootsuite allows you to schedule your tweets so that you can send out tweets throughout the day. A majority of Twitter users are making the mistake of not scheduling a lot of tweets on the same day.

If you ask someone how to create a successful blog, social networking account, or business, the main thing is consistency. If all of your followers know you tweet once every hour, they will come back to your Twitter account every hour to see what you tweeted. Since you’ll be tweeting once every hour, you will be tweeting more content than the average tweeter. Your followers may scroll down to see all of the updates on your timeline that they missed.

By tweeting once an hour, your tweets will constantly appear on your followers’ timelines. Since you are only tweeting once every hour, you aren’t tweeting enough to annoy your followers, but you are tweeting enough to get their attention. People will click on your links, and some of those people will engage in a conversation. The more times your followers see you on your timeline, the more likely they are to have a conversation with you.

Another thing to consider is that the time zones of countries are different. If you live in the Eastern Time Zone, and you only tweet in the morning, people aren’t going to see those tweets if their timezone is dramatically different from yours. When it’s 11 am in New York, it’s 12 am in Tokyo. All of your followers will be able to see at least one of your tweets if you tweet every hour.

I used to tweet a few time per day. It was nothing special. When I decided to tweet once every hour, I saw my follower count go from under 2,000 to over 6,000 in a matter of months. When you get time, schedule tweets for every hour because you will get more followers. However, this does not mean quantity beats quality. You must be able to tweet a quantity of quality tweets.

Once you get used to tweeting once every hour, tweeting a quantity of quality tweets will be easy.