Everyone in business has them at one time or another. Pain Points. When it comes to business technology, pain points can be vast. Usually, you realize you have a pain point when something is not working properly, or you have a process that is turning increasingly time consuming and costly. Pain points have a way of overtaking productive businesses – creating time delays, extra costs, employee issues and even customer service disasters. Pain points are universal in business – small businesses to large enterprises battle pain points every day in the push to be more competitive, productive and effective.

WhatsYourPain.Business.WomanGood news: Pain points can also present great opportunities to operate your business better! Pain points should not be feared – or avoided. They should also not be given band-aid solutions. Pain points should be viewed as opportunities to grow your business, cut costs, improve employee morale and develop a more enriching relationship with clients, vendors and partners. Pain points are signs your business is ready to take on greater challenges – and bigger goals.

So, What’s Your Pain?

  • Your pain point could be your accounting software isn’t meeting the requirements of your current momentum.
  • Your point point could be your sales and marketing campaigns are not organized and are failing to incorporate email marketing and social media components.
  • Maybe your pain point is your lack of manufacturing capacity – and tighter organization of supplier scheduling, inventory control and production scheduling.
  • Perhaps your pain point is your inability to engage leads and clients effectively to power your sales pipelines.
  • WhatsYourPain.Business.LadyOne pain point you may have is your HR processes are not automated – and your company is growing.
  • Your pain could be your business needs better IT support and increased data security.
  • Your pain point could even be your desire to conduct business operations 24/7 and your frustration with limitations the 9 to 5 work day places on your sales team – and you.
  • Your pain point could be you realize you could be cutting tremendous costs with less IT infrastructure, but you don’t know how to address the issue.
  • Maybe your pain point is your fear of exploring new alternatives for your business – like the benefits of cloud computing – even though you realize your business needs the cloud.

Worst case scenario, you are feeling pinches from multiple pain points.

That’s why CompuData is launching a Twitter campaign to hear your business technology pain points – and provide expertise, solutions and ideas to eradicate them. The campaign is #WhatsYourPain!

TwitterEvery Friday, CompuData will tweet@CompuDataInc a pain point topic – feel free to share your concerns, questions, observations, viewpoints or even present a unique pain point you are experiencing.

#WhatsYourPain will take place from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. EST every Friday – but don’t let that small weekly window keep you from tweeting CompuData directly @CompuDataInc with any #WhatsYourPain business technology pain points – anytime! We will share pain points – and the business technology solutions and best practices ideal for taking the pain away.

Why Share Your Pain Points?

  • Sharing your business technology pain points with #WhatsYourPain will give you an opportunity to learn solutions and best practices to address your pain points.
  • Sharing your pain points opens new doors for improving your business operations – and boosting productivity – with acquired knowledge, references and ideas.
  • Recognizing your pain points establishes an accountability – toward solving your pain points.
  • Sharing your pain points encourages an evaluation of your processes, with a focus on productivity issues.
  • Sharing your pain points helps you to create new goals for operational efficiency.

Tweet #WhatsYourPain to @CompuDataInc anytime and we will feature your pain points – and share solutions. Remember, every pain point you are experiencing in your business right now is shared by countless businesses across the United States – and in your own neighborhood. There are innovative, affordable technology solutions designed to address your pain points – all you have to do is recognize #WhatsYourPain and look for the solutions best designed for you!