At the recent New Media Expo (January 5 to 8, 2013 in Las Vegas, NV), I had the opportunity to meet the team behind Nestivity, including Bahram Nour-Omid, CEO, Henry Min, President, and Hal Wendel, VP of Marketing and Partnerships. What impressed me most was the quality and passion of their leadership team.

Over the last few years, I’ve interviewed a lot of new media and tech start-ups for our podcast RockTheWorld with LinkedIn. There seems to be a commonality among not only those that make it, but in those that make it big. In all cases, not only was the founder or “Chief Idea Officer” passionate about their concept, but they all had a strong work ethic, a clear and well thought out idea, and am amazing team surrounding them as passionate as the founder. Nestivity has passionate leaders in spades.

What is Nestivity? If you’ve ever wished you could combine the power of fan pages and twitter, Nestivity “turns your Twitter handle into a ‘Nest’ for all of your followers to visit. It’s kind of like a fan-page for Twitter, but better.” According to their website, Nestivity allows you to: 1) organize your following, 2) engage your followers, 3) amplify your reach, and 4) archive your history.

The promise of Nestivity is a richer and more meaningful experience with the people you follow and engage on Twitter. It will allow you to organize topics & people making your content and engagement more assessable. One feature I’m looking forward to is the ability to better track conversations via Hashtags (#).

Some people may look at this and say, what does it do that other tools don’t? My answer is that Nestivity does more and does it better than any Twitter-based community tool I’ve seen.

All activity from your Nest is echoed out into the Twitter universe, allowing anyone to find your content and join the conversation—and your community. As more content is found, more tweets are shared, turning your followers into a rapidly growing group of advocates. For example, Guy Kawasaki started a Twitter handle and Nestivity community around his latest book: “APE”. Nestivity allows him to start a conversation; even one based on a question tweeted from a follower. Guy can make the question a discussion topic so others can comment and contribute to the answer as well. And, on Nestivity, the conversation shows up in an easy to digest stream.

The community experience is stronger than with other tools that gather tweets into a stream for example. I’ve had to scroll through Hootsuite to go back and find a particular topic or tweet or limited conversation.

Compartmentalization of topics and discussions allows companies and brands the ability to better see and engage their fans than the tools we have available now. The admin panel allows you to monitor, manage and turn a tweet into a discussion (as in the example above). Followers can then follow and comment on independent topics or the entire community. #Hashtags then become even more powerful to track a stream in your Nest.

Nestivity is also a great way to truly archive your Twitter activity. According to, “everything associated your account is securely stored, so you can leverage and learn from past content.” They continue, “Listening and analytics tools can be used for a deeper understanding of your followers, and their sentiment” as well as to track what works and what doesn’t.

What does it take to pre-register for the Beta? Simple visit and post a tweet to join the Beta. Now that’s creative! Look for the official launch of Nestivity during the Interactive portion of SXSW.