The relationship between video and Twitter is changing quickly in 2015. First, the company launched Video On Twitter, allowing users to capture, edit, and post 30-second videos straight the to the social networking platform. Second, Twitter has pushed forward with the Promoted Video Ads, which like a Promoted Post, allows users to pay to promote a video ad. And most recently, Twitter has acquired live-streaming app, Periscope. What do all of these changes mean to marketers? Let’s break them down one by one.

How are Marketers Using Video On Twitter?

Interestingly enough, brands haven’t jumped on this trend as quickly as I thought. While it’s great that brands can capture “now” moments, the videos can’t be edited to top quality, which is what I think makes brands a bit reluctant to post. Tide promoted their stain stick at NY Fashion Week, posting this video:

But we haven’t seen much more from the brand in terms of Video on Twitter — though it seems like a great branding moment to post times when a stain stick is needed. So, What Should Marketers Do? Video on Twitter is a great way to do online Q&As. Instead of a typical Twitter Chat, CEOs and company Founders can answer user’s questions in a short Video on Twitter. This puts a face to the brand and gives lots of short answers that can be ReTweeted and shared on social channels.

How are Marketers Using Promoted Video Ads

Promoted Video was launched in beta last year, and one of the very early adopters was Airbnb, who have promoted a collection of video ads such as this one. This ad captures user attention and promotes the brand identity, an obvious plus for the company.

However, this is not friendly news to most, Twitter has decided to test autoplay videos in feeds, so turn down your volume or put in headphones, because you could be one of the testees, whether you like it or not. So, What Should Marketers Do? Obviously Promoted Video Ads are a major plus for marketers, as it shows off your brand in video form, gaining a lot of attention. However, marketers should remember that their videos may be autoplayed (and therefore annoy users), so maybe holding on loading up a Promoted Video wouldn’t be a bad idea — until, at least, Twitter decides to shut down autoplay.

How are Marketers Using Periscope?

Brands have flocked to this new live-streaming app, and one of the cutest ways marketers have gotten their brands attention is through puppies. Monthly subscription box company, Barkbox, has been streaming puppy feeds from their office, most likely gaining many followers and a much bigger audience.

Of course you must have the app to see it.

So, What Should Marketers Do?

This new feature allows users to see live broadcasts or watch recently posted ones and comment (comments show up in front of the broadcaster or other viewers).  You can make the stream public or private, so this can be used internally or externally for branding purposes. Marketers can use it to get feedback from users or even ask questions in an engaging video format.

How have you seen brands use these two new Twitter features?