Rather than view Twitter as another way to pass the day, here at Cayzu we recommend that you look at it more as a powerful resource to help with your customer service, we call it social customer service. Twitter offers a variety of benefits that you may not be aware of, but your competition might be. So just what are some of the ways that Twitter can help improve your business when paired with our help desk software?

Real-Time Responses

Time is of the essence when it comes to customer service. Not only do customers expect to be able to connect with your business through a variety of channels, they also expect faster response times, and that’s especially true in an emergency situation. Twitter allows you to instantly be aware of when a customer is in need of help. Studies have shown that roughly 40 percent of users on Twitter expect to wait less than an hour when they have a customer service issue.

With Twitter you can give your customers a response in real time. If you like, you can even create a special Twitter handle dedicated solely to customer service. This will allow you to take care of your customers without having to worry about cluttering up your normal Twitter business account.

Truly Useful Tools

When used right, hashtags can become another useful customer support tool. A hashtag that’s specific to your business can be used to follow and track conversations and invite your audience to get in touch with you on Twitter should they ever need help. We recommend that you also search for hashtags that are popular in your specific industry in case there are common issues your customers need help with. Even if you have the best help desk software monitoring your Twitter account, you can still improve your customer service if you have the right information and social media platforms.

Personalized Service

Even though a blanket response is a great way of saving time while making sure your information reaches as many people as possible, it’s not a good way to form one-on-one connections with your customers. With Twitter you can have a personal interaction with a single customer. Simply type “@” before listing the customer’s Twitter handle and you’ll be engaging them in a direct conversation. There’s nothing to make a customer feel truly appreciated like connecting to them on a one-on-one basis. You can also send direct messages on Twitter if you’d like for the correspondence to remain private and your Twitter feed to remain uncluttered.

Information Tracking

While there are several great things about Twitter, there are also a few downsides to the platform. For one thing, if a customer decides to complain about your level of customer service on Twitter, there’s a very good chance that their complaint could spread like digital wildfire before you’re even aware of it. It’s best that you keep an eye on @mentions every day in case there are some problems that demand your immediate attention. The best time to put out a fire is when it first starts and a help desk solution that automatically monitors Twitter for you is a game changer.