The old Twitter joke about people saying what they had for breakfast in their tweets has a little truth to it, but failing to grasp the more powerful side of that platform is easy to do.

People who use the platform to broadcast self-referential tweets and automated random crap see almost no return on their time investment, and leave saying what a colossal waste Twitter is for their business. Without exception those who have told me about their Twitter failure story have all lacked a cogent strategy or clear goals from their Twitter plan.

Mark Schaefer has used Twitter effectively to build his business and grow a very successful blog. If there is such a thing as a Twitter expert, Mark is it. It’s not hard for anyone to apply his strategy for their personal or business success, but it takes a focused approach. In this video he shares his insights that you can start using today.

Mark recently released his new book The Tao Of Twitter. His book has been getting a boatload of 5 star reviews by readers on Amazon. You can buy it here.

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Mark Schaefer
Executive Director
Schaefer Marketing Solutions