how to measure twitter success

If you are like me you are extremely pedantic about measuring so since I’ve had access to Twitter Analytics I’ve been given a humble awakening to the truth about my Twitter SMM success (or lack of) in this case.

I spent some time to really look into my Twitter Analytics for measuring my efforts and what I have learned is in many ways self-evident or perhaps is just considered the conventional advice that I’ve always followed in fits and spurts.

Twitter is a great site for my content marketing efforts and provides roughly 1/3rd of my traffic here on the site which is pretty good and the bounce rate isn’t too bad either. In fact it’s a lot better than the bounce rate I get from every other source apart from Google+ which just goes to show that Google+ isn’t the evil robot that some people think!

I found out that I’m receiving next to no click-throughs on the majority of my tweets! However where I am getting click-throughs and where I am getting favorites and re-tweets are on tweets where I’m utilizing hashtags.

Shocker right?

It’s easy to forget just how powerful hashtags can be… Especially when you’re not tracking precisely which tweets are getting click-throughs. In this sense using Twitter Analytics for measuring has been the most useful five minutes I’ve spent analyzing my SMM efforts in a long time!

Going forward I will be following three rules:

1. When I promote my own content I will only ever do so with hashtags.
30 Of The Best Marketing Hashtags On Twitter

2. I will sparingly use ‘Please RT’ because according to data this increases the chance of a re-tweet by 160%

3. I will connect with fewer users more regularly and focus on influencers who I’ve connected with in the past. According to my own Twitter Analytics I got 45x normal reach from just 3 re-tweets. This was because these users were ‘influencers’. Additionally simply by replying to influencers I’ve gained an additional 4x normal reach because of two favorites and a retweet, which is great if you want to potentially gain more followers.

measuring twitter analytics

So what I did was unfollow over 300 people that I never connect with and granted I lost like 150 of those followers myself but I’m not worried about that because in all likelihood they never would have made a difference to me anyway.

You can do this by using JustUnfollow which gives you a lot of useful metrics for who to unfollow such as who you’re following who doesn’t follow you, who’s inactive and more.

All three of these points, as I said are common sense approaches that we all know about but until you look at the data you just have no idea how much they matter!

So moving forward I’ll be sure to follow these to the letter and create a follow up post / case-study on precisely how much of a difference this has made to both my site and my Twitter account. I suggest signing up to my mailing list if you’d like to stay up-to date with my own adventures with content marketing, smm, seo!

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