Looking for a few more followers on Twitter? We know how to get them. Follow these 10 steps and before you know it you will be growing your list of Twitter followers!

  1. Tweet. It’s as simple as it seems. Tweet often and tweet relevant information. If you are a business, tweet business news and industry related articles. Keep your followers engaged or you will lose them quickly. Try to tweet at least twice an hour during work hours and at least once an hour outside of work. This may sound scary but it really isn’t. An automated Twitter solution can help you save time because you can create hundreds of tweets and schedule them to post at different times, as you will see in the next point.
  2. Automate your tweets. By automating your tweets you will not have to set an alarm every hour to set up a tweet. Simply spend a little bit of time and tweet up to a year in advance.
  3. Retweet. Do not be afraid to retweet relevant information from other businesses or people working in your industry. It shows that you are up to date and engaged in the ongoing conversation.
  4. Use #hashtags. By using hashtags your tweet will be kept in a stream forever. When searching the hashtag your tweet will come up. Without a hashtag, after the tweet has left the twitter feed its life cycle has ended.
  5. Follow people. You can’t just wait for people to follow you, you have to follow them. People often follow back so this is a great way of building more Twitter followers.
  6. Maintain a high following ratio. Be sure to follow people back. Think of those accounts who have millions of followers and they follow maybe a couple hundred accounts. These tend to be celebrities, those who don’t have time for all their fans. If you own a company, you care about all of your customers and try to connect with everyone who shows even a slight interest.
  7. Join Twitter chats. By joining Twitter chats you can get your name out there.
  8. Be real. If you are tweeting on behalf of a company do not try to sell your product through tweets. Be a real human, someone you would enjoy having a conversation with.
  9. Favourite tweets. It takes very little effort to favourite a tweet. If something interests you, but is not relevant enough to re-tweet, give it a favourite. Nobody has time to look through someone’s list of favourite tweets, so go for it.
  10. Create your own content. Write articles, comment on posts. Post your content on social media, whether it is something that you wrote yourself or something that you had commented on. Anything that brings a quality link back to your social media page is positive.

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