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Twopcharts Report: 44% Of Twitter Accounts Have Never Sent A Tweet


Twitter has been under fire for a decline in user numbers. The recent design changes, introduction of new ad types and the profile revamp are some of the ways by which the 140 character platform is trying to simplify and garner more reach. Looks like all this isn’t enough, since a new research provides an update on the size of an ongoing problem: getting people to tweet.

A report from Twopcharts, a website that monitors Twitter account activity, states that about 44% of the 974 million existing Twitter accounts have never sent a tweet, reports WSJ. However, Twopcharts adds that it is unable to track when someone has logged into their account. It can only tell when the account retweets or tweets its own message.

Twopcharts further said that 30% of existing Twitter accounts have sent 1-10 tweets. Only 13% of the accounts have written at least 100 tweets.

The report estimates 542.1 million accounts have sent at least one tweet since they’ve been created, suggesting that more than half of the accounts in existence have actively tried out the service. But just 23% of those accounts have tweeted sometime in the last 30 days.

Twitter, which had earlier said that it has 241 million monthly active users, has declined to comment on the report’s findings. Interestingly Twitter defines a monthly active user as an account that logs in at least once a month. By Twitter’s standards, tweeting isn’t considered a monthly active user and they can perform other actions such as read, retweet and favourite. In fact these are the actions that help Twitter to pile up its revenue.

So even if you are not actively engaging on the platform, don’t worry, you are still active.