Twitter Lead Generation CardAs social marketing has grown, companies have found that it’s one thing to gain likes and followers and another thing to turn those fans into actual customers. Twitter’s new Lead Generation card could be a powerful tool in the social media marketing arsenal.

Basically, Twitter’s Lead Generation card allows businesses to embed a landing page within a tweet. Let’s say that you wanted to offer a 50% off deal to new customers. Send out a tweet to that effect and add a lead generation card to your tweet. When potential customers expand the tweet, they see the details of the offer and a button that allows users to instantly send their info to the company. The tool pulls info from users’ Twitter profiles, so there’s no form to fill out–all it takes is one click for users to connect with a company. Businesses can then feed the data into their existing lead generation software or CRM tools. It’s an easy, frictionless way to find leads and grow your customer contact database.

You can see the potential. If you’re taking pre-orders on a hot new product, the Lead Generation card would be an easy way to find interested customers and let them know when the item becomes available. You could use the tool to grow your preferred customer program, or collect customer info with a special offer. The numerous possibilities can easily be tailored to fit your business.

If you have a WordPress website you can use these lead cards very easily. There are a variety of plug-ins currently available with more to come. Try on of these Twitter Lead Generation Cards. Combined with a robust social marketing strategy, Lead Generation Cards could be a powerful tool.

Of course, building those leads is only part of the equation. Knowing what to do with your leads once you have them can be the missing link to marketing success. ILG Results can help you develop an integrated strategy that will turn your leads into sales and help your marketing stick. Contact us for more information on how we can help you develop your marketing strategy.

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