Twitter analytics
Twitter has been slowly improving their analytics features for profiles and ads and it’s been very interesting to see. It used to be we had to dig through other reporting tools to really see what is working and what isn’t and gather reporting data for clients. No more!

The new analytics dashboard shares top tweets, mentions, Twitter cards and followers on a month by month basis. To find yours, go to Twitter and log in, then click analytics on the drop-down menu under your profile, or just got to If, like me, you manage multiple ad accounts you’ll be able to easily switch accounts and see the analytics for the ones you have access to.

Click the “Tweet activity” button on an individual tweet to get specific data for that tweet. See how many views and engagements you’ve had with a tweet including retweets on a handy chart and even download the metrics in a CSV file.
Thank you Twitter!

Twitter cards
One thing I see immediately from my analytics is that I’m not using Twitter cards enough. These things are effective! Thre are several types of Twitter cards from the basic “summary” card with your title, description and thumbnail, to player cards to include video and audio clips. I am planning on re-downloading the Twitter cards getting started bundle and re-evaluating how I use these tools going forward.

Twitter Cards

If you are marketing an app be sure to look under the tools menu to manage your app promotion, learn more about the App card ads to target your ads for better conversions.

The events tab is little used right now but still it’s interesting to see what events people are posting. If you’d like to post an event you’ll need to reach out to your Twitter account manager.

When you are using Twitter’s promoted tweets to drive traffic to your website you can use the conversion tracking option to drop a snippet of code into your website and more accurately track conversions coming from Twitter.