Having a social media presence is important and I enjoy it tremendously.

My Strategy

My preferred social media channel is Twitter. I tweet on my own account @SandraGiffin and on my blog’s account @MediaVidi.

I have met incredible people on Twitter and I have had many fun interactions. I am amazed at the talented, dynamic and witty people on Twitter who will actively engage in conversations with you.

But you can’t expect to have conversations in Twitter if you aren’t contributing. This is challenging for me as a Startup Founder because I have many competing demands on my time.

So, I have developed my own system to keep the Twitter beast fed and happy in 30 minutes a day.

My tweets are focused on startups, raising capital and life as a founder and entrepreneur. I share a lot of links to content and videos that I think are valuable.

I try to avoid tweeting content from over shared sources like Inc. and Entrepreneur. About 20% of my Tweets are my own blog content or news about my company.

My System

Here is the system I have developed to ensure that I am tweeting regularly.

1. Pre-schedule Tweets

There are many tools you can use to schedule your Tweets and other social media posts. I have used both Hootsuite and Buffer.

I prefer Buffer. I am a huge fan of its simple, clean interface. It works really well.

I tweet 8 times a day. I use the auto schedule feature to spread my Tweets throughout the day and evening.

You should always spread out your tweets since you do not want to flood your followers feeds with a flurry of Tweets all at once. It’s better to drip them out through the day and evening to your Twitter followers.

If I want to schedule a few days worth of Tweets I use the Buffer App and I write my tweets in it.

If I am scheduling a couple of weeks worth I use a free app called Bulk Buffer. I write my tweets on a spreadsheet and then upload the csv file to Bulk Buffer which then bulk uploads them to the Buffer App.

Either method results in the Tweets going out according to the auto schedule I have set in Buffer.

2. Find Reliable Sources of Content


Everybody has their favourite sources of content to share on Twitter. I have set up a lot of feeds in Feedly and I follow a lot of boards in Flipboard.

There are many content aggregators that will be useful for different topic areas. One good one is Alltop which gathers content from the best sites and blogs that cover a given topic. Alltop covers a broad range of topics so it is worth checking out.

Over time you will figure out your “Go To Sources” that yield good content on a regular basis to share on Twitter.


If you want to find video to share on Twitter you can go to the popular video sharing sites and tweet links to videos. You should always preview videos before you share them to make sure they are suitable for your followers.

If you are looking for a variety of videos from all over the web you could give our MondoPlayer App a try.

You can use the search feature in MondoPlayer to find videos in a topic area. MondoPlayer will build a stream of clips from all over the web in that topic area. When you see a video you want to share you can tap on the built in Buffer button. While you compose your tweet or social media post you can continue to watch or preview other videos in the stream. You can multi-task and save an incredible amount of time. To see how it works you can check out this video.

3. Gather Content and Temporarily Store it

I am always on the lookout for content worth sharing on Twitter so I have turned into a compulsive curator. I find it quicker to gather a lot of content, temporarily store it and then write all my Tweets later.

Any time I find something I want to share I send it to my Google+ Account. I have created a private circle called Share Later which I use as a content warehouse. I can quickly send a link to this circle so it will be there when I have time to review the content, write my Tweet and then add it to my Buffer queue. This has worked incredibly well for me.

4. Interact with your Followers

The whole point of Social Media is to be “social”. When somebody re-Tweets my content I make sure to thank them. Often they will favourite my Thank You tweet or send me a tweet in response.

When I see somebody interesting who has followed me I send them a direct message. It could be about anything. It’s just a way to reach out and say “Hello”.

Always make sure to respond to any direct messages in a timely fashion. Just as in any social situation, it’s not good to be unresponsive.

Do you have any systems, tools or resources you use to manage your Twitter presence?